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A major part of learning to thrive with Adult ADHD is identifying tools and strategies that can help with your particular challenges. Not a stereotype’s.

Gina Pera private consultation
Tools & Strategies

Consult with Gina Pera Via Zoom or Phone

Now until October 31, you can book a Zoom/phone call with me. We’ll make the best use of our time together if you complete a short questionnaire as you book the appointment. My broad cross-disciplinary

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You, Me, ADHD Online Book Club
ADHD Relationship Support

Introducing: The You Me & ADHD Discussion Group

Are you struggling in a relationship where one or both of you have ADHD, including late-diagnosis ADHD?  Join the discussion inspired by my first book. No fees. No registration. Always open. Always current. The discussion

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ADHD Retirement Syndrome
Tools & Strategies

Healing ADHD Retirement Syndrome

It’s not an official term, this ADHD Retirement Syndrome. It’s a term I started using years ago, to warn about its existence—and planning to avoid it. Here’s the surprising truth: Retirement might not be the

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ADHD is biological news stories
ADHD News & Research

Headlines We Love: ADHD is Biological

Okay, the headlines this week may not come as news to us. But, following the recent ADHD Hall of Shame entry, science-based reportage comes as welcome relief. The following news sources, among others, report the latest study by NIDA Director Nora Volkow and colleagues showing that, well, ADHD is real. Read all about it.

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ADHD and sweeping

ADHD Partner Sweeps But Leaves Piles!

Can poor sweeping habits wreck a marriage?  That’s right, I said “sweeping” — as in sweeping the floor. The answer is yes, poor sweeping habits can sow simmering discord. Unnecessary conflict. Chronic resentment. Let me

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Personal Essays

ADHD-Fueled Fear of Change

ADHD and fear of change. What’s behind it? That’s the topic of this post, a guest essay from a wise friend. First, let’s just acknowledge that change can be stressful when you have ADHD. Even

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