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A major part of learning to thrive with Adult ADHD is identifying tools and strategies that can help with your particular challenges. Not a stereotype’s.

Seeking Your Stories of Resilience

Reading last week’s first-person essay (“The Rugged Reality of ADD”, by Dylan) and the many comments reminds me to tell you about The Resilience Through the Lifespan Project, conducted by Mark Katz, Ph.D., whom I

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Vitamin B12 and Cognitive Function

A quick note to share with you this important article on Vitamin B12 in The New York Times. I lived for many decades not knowing I had borderline pernicious anemia. Finally, a smart physician directed

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See You At CHADD in Orlando Next Week!

If you’re attending the 23rd Annual International CHADD Conference in Orlando next week, please say hello! I will be teaching a pre-conference institute (“Relationships and ADHD”) with psychologist Arthur Robin) on Wednesday, Nov. 10. Plus,

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What’s Up With Generic Concerta?

Here at the ADHD Roller Coaster, I’ve long cautioned about generic medications for ADHD. Articles include Update on Generic Rx: Approach with Caution and Consumer Reports on Autos? Yes. ADHD Medications? No! I’m now hearing

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Amen Clinic San Francisco Opens

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Daniel Amen, M.D., so I was happy to see him at the opening of his newest Amen Clinic, just south of San Francisco, and welcome him to

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Noise Got You Rattled? Try These

During the “Year of Noise” at our house, my husband and I about lost our minds from small planes and helicopters flying overhead, neighbors’ rented jackhammers taking out old driveways, and lawn crews with their

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Fish Oil and ADHD: What is The Evidence?

We’ve all heard claims about fish oil “curing” ADHD, but what does the latest research show? Mixed results, at best. Further study on fish oil and ADHD is warranted. Make no mistake:  Every human brain needs

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