mirror neurons yawning monkeys giggling babies

Empathy and Mirror Neurons: Monkey See, Monkey Yawn

Two videos went “viral” among my Facebook friends this week. I share them with you here because who living in these rancorous times couldn’t use a little sweet-natured humor.

More germane to this blog’s brain-based focus, however, I was struck by how each video demonstrated qualities of empathy. Yes, I know. Recently, some politicians have publicly scorned empathy — perhaps because they mistakenly equate it with weakness. But , as a third video explains, leading neuroscientists say that our society depends on empathy. In other words, we’d do best to nourish empathy, not castigate it.

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ADHD Myth 3 ADHD Symptoms Are Just Human Behaviors. Gina Pera's ADHD Roller Coaster Blog

Myth #3: ADHD Symptoms are Simply Human Behaviors

Taken singly, ADHD symptoms do resemble typical human behaviors—because they are. But there’s nothing “simple” about it. “ADHD is a matter of severity, an exaggeration of normal human behaviors,” explains physician, author, and ADHD expert

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ADHD perfectionism

Perfectionists Can Have ADHD, Too

To people who don’t truly understand Adult ADHD, it seems a ridiculous oxymoron: A perfectionist person with ADHD?  Yet, the phenomenon is surprisingly common. For example, I hear among perfectionism among my friends with ADHD who

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ADHD and Sleep: Organizing Your Brain

What do I mean—organizing your brain, deep-pressure receptors?   What does this have to do with ADHD and sleep?  I can explain. I slept 10 hours the other day—quite unusual for me. Lazing in bed that

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