From Stigma to Acceptance: The Slow Embrace of Eyeglasses ......and ADHD

Eyeglasses, ADHD, and Stigma: Introduction

Eyeglasses and ADHD have a lot in common — chiefly, have both faced stigma, ridicule, and opposition. Here in the 21st Century, stigma has mostly faded for eyeglasses. An estimated 62 percent of Americans wear some type

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Authorized Generic Concerta Ends

Janssen Quietly Ends Concerta Authorized-Generic

Concerta manufacturer Janssen officially ended availability of its Concerta authorized-generic mid-January 2023, through its Patriot subsidiary. In this post, I: Explain what this might mean for Concerta users—and how it came about Touch upon the

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Five Radical Tips for ADHD Relationships

Can I distill everything you need to know about ADHD relationships into only five essential tips?  That’s tough! After all, ADHD is a complex syndrome affecting individuals, not clones.  Stereotypes can lead us into rabbit

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Solving ADHD's Double Whammy

Teamwork: Solving ADHD’s Double Whammy

  What is ADHD’s Double Whammy? I use that informal term to describe a common phenomenon. That is, ADHD symptoms themselves can impair self-awareness about problematic behaviors.  Even when there is ready acknowledgement, though, ADHD

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