Gina Pera private consultation

Consult with Gina Pera Via Zoom or Phone

Now until October 31, you can book a Zoom/phone call with me. We’ll make the best use of our time together if you complete a short questionnaire as you book the appointment. My broad cross-disciplinary

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FDA approves Vyvanse generics

Vyvanse Generics On the Way

  As the U.S. patent for Vyvanse expired August 2023, the FDA cleared 14  manufacturers to produce Vyvanse generics.  It might take several months for a significant number of consumers to access these Vyvanse generics.

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A Tribute to Tommy Dendy: Teacher of Fathers

  Fathers can have a particularly tough time parenting children with ADHD. When the standard discipline strategies don’t work, they can get frustrated with themselves and their child. It doesn’t always end well. Over the

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Generic medication investigation

“Bottle of Lies” Exposes Generic Drugs

The generic drugs industry makes headlines this month. That’s thanks to the investigations of journalist Katherine Eban. She is the author of Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom.  Generic drugs are

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ADHD Retirement Syndrome

Healing ADHD Retirement Syndrome

It’s not an official term, this ADHD Retirement Syndrome. It’s a term I started using years ago, to warn about its existence—and planning to avoid it. Here’s the surprising truth: Retirement might not be the

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