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A major part of learning to thrive with Adult ADHD is identifying tools and strategies that can help with your particular challenges. Not a stereotype’s.

Dr. Parker’s New Book on “ADHD Rx Rules”!

When I talk about “optimizing medication” in my presentations on Adult ADHD, some faces in the audience look puzzled. That’s not surprising, given the stories I’ve heard for years of careless prescribing patterns that result

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Note to Health Insurers: Brain is Part of Body!

You’ve probably heard the term mental-health parity. But do you know what it means? Many people do not. It’s important, because  recent healthcare reforms have called for mental-health parity. That is, reform provisions are designed

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ADHD Medications Guide, Part I

I cannot overstate it: We must be smart mental healthcare consumers.  Especially when it comes to ADHD medical treatment. That means not assuming that your prescribing physician truly knows what’s what.  No matter how “confident” that physician

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ADHD Roller Coaster Nothing Compared to This!

Compared to a new ride called the Life Force Crusher, which stimulates a grueling three-year relationship with someone named Deborah, the ADHD Roller Coaster pales in comparison. Promoting the coaster as “the most heartbreaking ride

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ADHD in the News Roundup: March 2010

Welcome to a new department here at the ADHD Roller Coaster blog: ADHD in the News Monthly Roundup.   In this spot,  you’ll find links and summaries to key ADHD-related news stories, starting now with

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Say What!? More Love Roller Coasters

By popular demand, the full version of the Ohio Players singing their 1975 hit (and the ADHD Roller Coaster theme song), Love Roller Coaster, and a cover from The Red Hot Chili Peppers (with Beevis

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