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A major part of learning to thrive with Adult ADHD is identifying tools and strategies that can help with your particular challenges. Not a stereotype’s.

Adult ADHD & New Habits for A New Year

You don’t need to wait for a New Year to develop new ADHD friendly habits around organizing your focus and energies. “I spent a lot of time wearing training wheels before I learned these habits.”

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Tools & Strategies

Join Gina in New Orleans: CHADD 11/12-14/15

Now’s your chance—to learn in two-three days an amazing amount about ADHD and meet hundreds of other people on this journey. I invite you to join me and many other ADHD experts in New Orleans, Nov.

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Tools & Strategies

ADHD & The Checklist Manifesto

My friend Katy, a legal secretary, swears by using a checklist to keep ADHD chaos at bay at a busy law practice.  Physician, surgeon, and writer Atul Gawande likes checklists so much, he wrote a

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The Couple That Reads Together

Over the years, my first book’s readers have told me, “You know, Gina, the only thing that really made a difference for us was sitting down and reading your book, out loud and together.” I

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Reducing distractions at work ADHD
Tools & Strategies

The Isolator: Every Cubicle Worker Should Have One

  Do you work in an office dominated by cubicles? Isn’t that the worst idea ever, for folks with ADHD and everyone else? Perhaps someone will re-introduce this  early distraction-reducing device: The Isolator.  The helmet’s

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