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A major part of learning to thrive with Adult ADHD is identifying tools and strategies that can help with your particular challenges. Not a stereotype’s.

ADHD and Gluten Sensitive? Check your Rx

A friend of mine has ADHD and is also very gluten-sensitive. Recently, she has been suffering with one inexplicable malady after another. Finally, an explanation: the gluten in the generic medication she has been taking.

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Get Organized for ADHD! Gina’s Picks on

For the 37 years my husband lived without benefit of ADHD diagnosis, he developed many coping strategies. One was implementing organizational systems to eliminate time-wasting or frustration by hunting down often-used items—keys, Swiss Army knife,

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Rewards for Tax-Filing Procrastinators?

It’s tax season, and researcher Joseph Ferrari, Ph.D. is talking about procrastination on today’s Talk of the Nation radio show. He suggests that a “reward system” might combat our national tendency to procrastinate on filing

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Join Us in Leicester, UK, on March 24, 2012

This Saturday (March 24, 2012) in Leicester, United Kingdom, I will be joining local experts to talk about Adult ADHD. The full-day event, “Practical Responses to Adult ADHD,” is sponsored by ADDISS, the national charity

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Vetting a Psychiatrist for ADHD Expertise

When searching for a psychiatrist for ADHD treatment, where do you begin? Moreover, how do you “vet” a psychiatrist? There no easy answers. But thanks to the Internet, you might be able to learn important

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