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Gina offers courses, group support, books, and more! Choose your own adventure of working with her to maximize Adult ADHD strategies, especially in relationships!


A curriculum to Solve Your Adult ADHD Puzzle — with the option of Zoom group meetings.


A community for the partners of adults with ADHD — with the option of Zoom group meetings.

Blog Posts & Books

Award winning books and blog — ADHD Roller Coaster, the first website on Adult ADHD.


Solving Your Adult ADHD Puzzle Course 1: Foundations

Step by step: a comprehensive framework for healing—and making more progress than you might ever have thought possible. For individuals, couples, and professionals.

Solving Your Adult ADHD Puzzle Course 2: Physical Strategies

Sleep: the ADHD science & real-world patterns. Medication: Why/how it helps & being pro-active. ADHD risk for chronic health conditions and 7 steps to maximize sleep and optimize medication.

Zoom Calls - Group Q&A with Gina
Available only to course participants

6 calls over 6 months, available only to course participants. Two meetings per month: 2nd Saturdays, Noon-1:15 pm PDT; Rotating days and times for the second call. Format: Insightful and supportive conversations. Gina facilitates and answers questions. Want to ask a question anonymously? Submit via online form.


ADHD Partner Community

A discussion group solely for the partners of adults with ADHD. E-mail/website-based. (Not a "chat" room.)
The first (2004) and longest running group of its kind —and the only group facilitated by an internationally recognized Adult ADHD expert, author, and educator. We focus on strategies and progress. But there is definitely a place for "venting." Better to do that with us than your ADHD partner! Optional Zoom group meetings.

ADHD Partner Men's Zoom Community

A sub-group of the ADHD Partner Community—with its own monthly meeting via Zoom.
Solely for men whose female partners have ADHD.
Most ADHD-related relationship challenges cut across genders, but sometimes this group has particular issues for which they find little professional or personal understanding. Includes membership in the general ADHD Partner Community.


Is It Me, You, or Adult A.D.D.?

Winner of four national book awards!
Praised by a “Who’s Who” of preeminent experts!
This bestselling guide put Adult ADHD and Relationships on the map — and remains a must-read today. Adults with ADHD, their partners and other loved ones, and professionals will find comprehensive understanding of symptoms, emotional impact, and evidence-based treatment strategies. This guide also broke new ground by detailing the potential effects of poorly managed ADHD on the partners and other loved ones. Endorsed by preeminent experts, including Russell Barkley, PhD, and Harville Hendrix, PhD

Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy Gina Pera & Arthur L. Robin, PhD

Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy: Clinical Interventions

ADHD-related challenges underlie many of the issues that bring couples to therapy—money, sex, chore-sharing, co-parenting. Yet, they are too often misperceived as typical “couples troubles” —nothing to do with this neurogenetic brain condition. Thanks to burgeoning ADHD awareness, individuals and couples worldwide are seeking ADHD Couple Therapy. Until now, however, we’ve had no solid guide — a guide based on the evidence of what works for Adult ADHD and for couple therapy. Now there is. Co-authored with veteran ADHD expert and psychologist Arthur L. Robin.

Books by Gina Pera

Adult ADHD and Sex

Yes, sexual expression is yet another one of those areas—like sleep—where the public and professionals alike often fail to connect the dots to ADHD symptoms. Ignorance about this critically important connection between ADHD and sexual intimacy creates so much unnecessary hurt. This is a $2.99 (affordable for everyone!) Kindle-only book. If you don’t have Kindle, you can read on your computer, iPad, or phone by downloading Amazon’s free Kindle app.

ADHD Couple Therapy Chapter in Russell Barkley’s Clinical Guide

Dr. Russell Barkley invited Gina to contribute the first-ever chapter on couple therapy to his revised clinical guide: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment, Fourth Edition (2014). It summarizes our Adult ADHD couple therapy model and orients mental-health professionals to the importance of keeping in mind needs of the Adult with ADHD, the partner, and the relationship.

Helping readers navigate tricky loop-de-loops since 2008.

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Gina Pera is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and educator on Adult ADHD, especially as it can affect relationships.  Her mission for 23 years has been empowering adults with ADHD and their loved ones—and raising the standard of care through her books, blog, conference presentations, and now online education.

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