Personal Essays

Personal Essays on Living with Adult ADHD -- in oneself or a loved one

This category features a wide range of first-person stories about living with Adult ADHD—in oneself or a loved one.


ADHD Medications Guide, Part I

I cannot overstate it: We must be smart mental healthcare consumers.  Especially when it comes to ADHD medical treatment. That means not assuming that your prescribing physician truly knows what’s what.  No matter how “confident” that physician

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ADHD and time blindness Dali's melting clock
Personal Essays

ADHD Time Blindness and Understanding Life

A preeminent ADHD research scientist, Russell Barkley, PhD, calls it ADHD time blindness.  That is, many people with ADHD have difficulty not just “being on time” but having a sense of time. Jeff discovered he

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Thanks to Adults with ADHD Who Sound Off!

This Thanksgiving finds me with much to be grateful for: friends, family, husband, health, and a book that is being generously received. But this very day, my biggest, warmest THANKS goes to all those adults

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