Personal Essays

Personal Essays on Living with Adult ADHD -- in oneself or a loved one

This category features a wide range of first-person stories about living with Adult ADHD—in oneself or a loved one.

The Couple That Reads Together

Over the years, my first book’s readers have told me, “You know, Gina, the only thing that really made a difference for us was sitting down and reading your book, out loud and together.” I

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ADHD News & Research

Adieu To France’s Abusive Treatment of Autism

You thought ADHD awareness in France was bad? Well, it is. But in France, autism awareness and treatment might be worse—or at least better documented. Two documentaries and a former French-trained psychoanalyst call out hidebound

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Adult ADHD Myths
ADHD Relationship Support

Adult ADHD Myths Vs. Facts

Welcome back to the You Me ADHD Virtual Discussion, this time exploring important Adult ADHD Myths vs. Facts.  To join the discussion, leave a comment! We’re open 24-7. The previous post focused on the book’s

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You, Me, and ADHD Online Book Club
Finding Support

The “You, Me, and ADHD” Book Club

Look soon for the  first post in the “You, Me, and ADHD” online book-club. Post by post, chapter by chapter, we open the comments to discuss chapters in my first book, Is It You, Me,

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