Personal Essays

Personal Essays on Living with Adult ADHD -- in oneself or a loved one

This category features a wide range of first-person stories about living with Adult ADHD—in oneself or a loved one.

Personal Essays

Frank, ADHD, And The Traffic Cop

It doesn’t sound comedic: Getting pulled over by the traffic cop when you have ADHD.  But the best comedy involves a bit of pain, right? Welcome to two excerpts from Frank South’s brilliantly candid one-man

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Anne of Green Gables Has ADHD?

Could Anne of Green Gables have ADHD?  How about Pastor Meredith? We’ve all experienced it: While watching a movie, reading a book, or listening to a song, we recognize….ADHD. Even if the creator of that

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Personal Essays

A Life Without Rules? ADHD and Escapism

  When we talk about ADHD and escapism, we often mean procrastinating and videogaming. But we also hear about the ultimate escape: escaping society’s rules. The question then becomes this:  Is ADHD  a diagnosis only

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Personal Essays

Toxic Masculinity And Male Fragility

We’re hearing a lot these days about toxic masculinity and male entitlement and even male fragility. We hear almost nothing, however, about the many ways in which males—from fetal status onward—are, in general, neurobiologically more

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Gina Pera ADHD Roller Coaster blog
Personal Essays

What I Did Over My Spring Vacation

A reader wrote to me last week, “Gina, where are you??? Are you okay? Or, has something happened to my ADHD Roller Coaster blog subscription?” Have you been wondering the same? Please accept my apologies.  The

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Adult ADHD Basics

Myth #10: “You’re Medicating Daydreaming!”

Now we come to ADHD Myth #10: The symptoms of inattention in ADHD are nothing more than “daydreaming.” This is one more aspect of an over-arching popular myth about ADHD: It “pathologizes normal human behavior.”

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