Personal Essays

Personal Essays on Living with Adult ADHD -- in oneself or a loved one

This category features a wide range of first-person stories about living with Adult ADHD—in oneself or a loved one.

How Esquire Got ADHD Wrong: My Rebuttal

When a headline features the word “drugging,” the report about ADHD that follows will not be well-balanced. Such was the case with Esquire’s recent salvo into the topic, “The Drugging of the American Boy.” Esquire joins The New

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Finding Support

ADHD And Suicide Risk: A Memorial to Sean Bone

We hear little about suicide in the context of ADHD. Instead we hear about depression. But ADHD is definitely associated with greater risk of suicide. As you’ll hear from many people who have survived jumping

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Mid-life Confessions of An ADDiva

Hearing the great news that Linda Roggli’s new book had won a Next Generation Indie Award reminded me to ask her about sharing an excerpt here. She graciously agreed, and you can read below a

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SCT: A New Type of ADHD for Next DSM?

Before my friend Jack was diagnosed with ADHD, he used to call himself “Sluggo the Wonder Boy.”  Highly educated, hard-working, and his heart set on big achievements, Jack still had problems around being, well, sluggish.

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