Genetic Testing for ADHD Medication

Have you heard about genetic-testing to help choose the best ADHD medication for an individual?  

Many readers have asked me about this.  Sorry to say, we are not there yet.

These tests can be useful in limited ways. But they are often misinterpreted (including by physicians) in ways that threaten to deprive people of the ADHD medications likely to work best.

I recruited my scientist-husband (a PhD molecular biologist with decades of experience in genetics) to join me in educating the ADHD public—and medical professionals—on this issue. In clear language and concepts!

Hence this 7-part blog series: Genetic Testing for ADHD Medications: What Your Genes Might Tell You That Your Doctor Cannot.

The Focus of Each Post in the Series:

1. Topic overview

2. See our testing results—and my husband’s initial reactions

3. Dive into the details of genotyping (what does the term even mean?).

4. Learn about “when and why” to pursue genotyping, the real-world value and usage

5. What are the limits of genotyping?

6. We put it all together with a closer look at our personal testing results and real-life application of the findings, beginning with Gina’s results…

7. …and continuing with Dr. Goat’s personal test results.

But Gina, Who is Dr. Goat?

  In case you missed it, my husband has ADHD. Diagnosed in 1999. He is also a molecular biologist with an emphasis in genetics. His former girlfriend is a neurosurgeon. But who connected his lifelong …

ADHD, DNA, and Predicting Medication Response

Genetic Testing for ADHD Medications: 1

  People often ask me, “Gina, what’s the best medication for ADHD?” No one wants to hear the answer: “It depends.” These days, they also ask me about genetic testing for ADHD medications. That is, …

ADHD and genotyping for medication

Part 2: Genetic-Testing for Choosing ADHD Medications

Can genetic-testing help us to choose ADHD medications? That is the topic of this 7-part blog series.  The answer is, “it depends.”  For sure, though, the tests typically misunderstood—to often dangerous effect. That is, people …

ADHD, DNA, and Predicting Medication Response

Part 3: Genetic Tests for Choosing ADHD Medications

Welcome to Part 3: Genetic Testing for ADHD Medications.  It is the first online collaboration between my husband (“Dr. Goat”) and me (Gina Pera), and we are thrilled by the enthusiastic response! To recap: Part …

Part 4: Genetic-Testing for the Best ADHD Medication?

Part 4 in a 7-part series on genetic testing for ADHD medications—from ADHD expert Gina Pera and her scientist husband, Dr. Goat

One factor to consider when aiming for that sweet spot of medication effectiveness: your specific gene variants that affect drug response.

That is, do your gene variants mean that you metabolize drugs slowly, normally, or very fast?

That’s where genetic tests can come in handy: They identify these gene variants—that is, variations on a common gene.

In turn, this information helps you to:

1. Determine what dosage you should start with, and
2. Decide the order in which medications should be evaluated.

This information can be especially valuable if you are

—Beginning drug treatment for ADHD,
—Considering changing to a different drug, or
—Introducing an additional drug to your regimen.

Note: Information from these tests will not be a “silver bullet.” It is simply a starting point. The last post in this series will examine how I might use my personal results.

Part 5 gene testing ADHD

Part 5: ADHD Gene-Testing Benefits and Limitations

. What are the potential benefits to ADHD gene-testing when it comes to choosing medications?  That’s the topic of post 5 in this series: Gene-Testing to Inform ADHD  Drug Therapy. In this 7-part series, we …

Gene-Testing To Guide ADHD Medication Choice—Part 6

Welcome to post 6, the next-to-last post in this series on gene-testing to inform ADHD drug therapy. This blog series began with a single post in mind. Hey, we said, let’s get gene-tested for ADHD …

ADHD medications and Harmonys testing

Genetic Testing for ADHD Medication Series—Part 7

Welcome to the final post in this series on genetic testing for ADHD Medication. My husband, Dr. Goat, and I greatly appreciate your enthusiastic response. We based this series on testing that is is no …

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