Finding Support

Finding Support for Adult ADHDThese posts point to sources of support for ADHD-challenged individuals, couples, and relationships of all sorts.

Silicon Valley Adult ADHD Support

If you live in or are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley and seeking support for Adult ADHD—yours or your partners—you’ve come to the right place! For more than a decade, I have led

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ADHD News & Research

ADHD Canada: Resources, Research, Advocacy

Oh Canada: How fortunate your ADHD community. You have two major national advocacy groups working on your behalf:  CADDRA and CADDAC. I cannot name another country having such an organized, diligent, and coordinated approach to

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ADHD Myth-Busting Series: Introduction

Throughout history, whenever we haven’t clearly understood a phenomenon, myths have substituted and passed for knowledge. As more of us learn about ADHD, the common misconceptions we encounter (especially in comments to news articles!) may

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You, Me, and ADHD Online Book Club
Finding Support

The “You, Me, and ADHD” Book Club

Look soon for the  first post in the “You, Me, and ADHD” online book-club. Post by post, chapter by chapter, we open the comments to discuss chapters in my first book, Is It You, Me,

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Finding Support

ADHD And Suicide Risk: A Memorial to Sean Bone

We hear little about suicide in the context of ADHD. Instead we hear about depression. But ADHD is definitely associated with greater risk of suicide. As you’ll hear from many people who have survived jumping

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San Diego’s Place to Be for ADHD

Don’t let psychologist Mark Katz’s gentle demeanor and kind eyes fool you. For more years than he probably cares to count, this psychologist and clinic director has been one of the strongest and most steadfast

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