Welcome to the ADHD Roller Coaster’s archive of posts about medication. Perhaps no area of ADHD creates as much confusion.

These posts approach this topic from various angles.

Self-education is critical here. But it’s far too easy to be intimidated—or, worse, to suffer from low expectations.

Can we trust the average prescriber to get it right? Probably not.

As an ADHD advocate and educator for 20 years, I’ve heard thousands of medication-gone-right/wrong stories.

Almost all consumer books on ADHD reduce advice on medication to “Talk with your doctor.” No, I’m sorry, but that is not enough. Not for most people.

Self-Education and Self-Advocacy

Self-education and self-advocacy is the only way to improve your odds of getting the best results from medication.

My first book, Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?, remains the only consumer book to detail a methodical approach to optimizing ADHD medication.

With ADHD Success Training, I’ll offer step-by-step guidance for working with your prescribing professional to achieve the best outcome.)

Attention: Therapists Treating ADHD

If you are a therapist, please know that you can help individuals and couples with ADHD medication treatment—while still respecting your licensing guidelines.

Please refer to Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy: Clinical Interventions, by Gina Pera and Arthur L. Robin, PhD (2016, Taylor & Francis).

When Physicians Have “ADHD Denial”

Denial and misrepresentation of ADHD difficulties remains pervasive in spite of remarkable new science. One of the most important reasons, other than some simply not wanting to have a problem or take medications, is the fact that the basic new science is often overlooked. Most importantly, the psychiatric labels have not kept up with functional brain science. The current labels are too superficial, too descriptive, and lack functional biological significance.

The unhappy result of these circumstances: medical targets are imprecise, miss significant symptom objectives, and often are simply used capriciously. If docs don’t have a precise target, it’s almost impossible to hit the mark. Missing the mark directly correlates with encouraging denial.

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