You Me ADHD Book Club

You, Me, ADHD Online Book Club

Introducing: The You Me ADHD Book Club!

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You, Me & ADHD: ADHD Relationship Support

Welcome to the first post in the You, Me, and ADHD online book club. It’s not really a book club in the traditional sense. It’s a series of  first-person essays based on reading my first book, Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? My friend, Taylor J, writes about her personal reactions to each chapter.  …

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Adult ADHD Myths

Chapter 1: Adult ADHD Myths Vs. Facts

Welcome back to the You Me ADHD Book Club, this time exploring important Adult ADHD Myths vs. Facts. The previous post focused on the book’s introduction. Now we enter Part I of the book’s three sections: “From the Tunnel of Love to the Roller Coaster: Could Your Partner Have ADHD?”  Chapter 1 is entitled “Who Has …

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Chapter 2: Living With Undiagnosed Adult ADHD

Living with undiagnosed ADHD, in a loved one or in oneself, can feel like being lost in the fog—often on a roller coaster. In fact, after the term roller coaster, the word that people most typically use when telling me their stories is fog. I opened Chapter 2 of Is It You, Me, or Adult …

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ADHD and self-regulation

Chapter 3: Deconstruct Your ADHD Roller Coaster

What does it mean to deconstruct your ADHD roller coaster?  It’s my way of explaining that ADHD manifests differently in the individuals who have it. Moreover, the years that adults with ADHD (and their loved ones) spend without the benefit of diagnosis can result in all kinds of twists and turns. It’s just a fact: …

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Adult ADHD and money

Chapter 4: ADHD Marriage and Money—Financial Loop De Loops

By Taylor J. ADHD marriage and money. Whew. Money issues within my marriage are what drove me to the ADHD spouses support group, and what drove my husband to treatment. This season in our dual-AHDD marriage was long, and it was terrifying. It nearly drove us to divorce, twice. I’m so glad this chapter exists. …

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How Adult ADHD Can Affect Driving

By Taylor J. Adult ADHD can affect driving? Who knew?  My husband drove a 1979 Ford Bronco for most of our marriage. That is, until it caught fire in a Home Depot parking lot. He saved the burned-out shell of it so he could fix it up….someday. Before treatment, I concluded his tendency to get …

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Chapter 6: ADHD and Sex — Peaks and Valleys In the Bedroom

By Taylor J Now we arrive at Chapter 6: “Peaks and Valleys: ADHD in the Bedroom.”  That is, ADHD and sex. ADHD and Finances nearly destroyed our marriage. ADHD-fueled driving certainly gave us gray hair early in life. Sex, however, is not an area that has been a…. problem for us (thank you, Jesus!), in …

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Chapter 7: More Mystifying Twists and Turns

  If the core challenge of ADHD is self-regulation, then we must understand: There are a lot of things that anyone’s “self” has to regulate. They don’t all show up on symptom lists, either. By Taylor J. Chapter 7 hit me right between the eyes, because it called out my favorite form of poor self-regulation: …

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