ADHD Partner FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about your ADHD Partner Membership.

Your ADHD Partner membership currently provides access to our main platform: ADHD Partner Group – the long-standing group that has welcomed 10,000 members since 2004. Membership also gives you access to Zoom calls.

Currently in beta-testing: ADHD Partner Forum — a discussion-board community integrated with my training platform (Solving Your Adult ADHD Puzzle).

Still have a question after checking below? Send an email:

ADHD Partner Group – You do not need to login to receive/send emails. If you prefer reading/posting messages at the password-protected website, you’ll need to set up a login. Click here and follow instructions.

ADHD Partner Group Zoom Calls – If you opt to participate in a Zoom meeting, as a premium member or single-purchase

ADHD Partner Forum (in beta) – Click here and use the email/password you used to register (with credit card) for membership.

Our  live peer-group meetings (facilitated by Gina) provide a powerful resource.

Note: Zoom info (meeting link, password, etc.) is communicated via email. If you’re not receiving notifications, most likely you opted-out from those mails. To opt in, send a request:

Premium membership: Monthly Zoom meeting (guaranteed spot)
General membership: Join a meeting when you can (space available) for a separate fee. Opt in to be notified each month.

Zoom Meeting Times:

  1. ADHD Partner main group:
    • Second Saturdays, 10:00-11:15 am PDT
    • Fourth Mondays, 2:00-3:15 PM PDT
  2. ADHD Partner Men’s Group:
    • Third Tuesdays, Noon-1:15 pm PDT
    • Perhaps a second meeting in the future

New to Zoom? Check out this tutorial

It is up to you to protect your privacy.  Here are some tips:

ADHD Partner Group:

  • The email you use to apply to the group will display in each of your e-mails to the group. 
  • Many members use e-mail addresses that do not include their full names.

Please use the same email address to register payment for the group 

ADHD Partner Forum:

Are you also enrolled in a course and sharing that login with your partner?

We can provide you with separate logins. You will retain access to the Forum (and your activity within) but your partner will not.


ADHD Partner Group – Quick Tips 

To send a message to the group, use this address:

To prevent messages going to spam, add that email address as a “safe sender” in your email client’s contacts.

Subscription setting defaults to individual e-mails; your other choices are:

  1. Collections of messages in a digest
  2. A daily summary
  3. Only special notices (rare official “must read” mail from me)
  4. Read messages at the website

To adjust your preferences, check the bottom of each mail from the group. Click on Your Subscription to make your selections.

Please note: If you choose to read messages at the website, you will need a login (e-mail address and password). This is separate from the login you used to register payment for this group.  Please instruction above: How Do I Login?

Advanced user guides:

ADHD Partner Forum user guides:

These guidelines are really easy if you simply remember….be courteous and speak from your experience, your feelings vis a vis your ADHD-challenged relationship.

Please read this carefully; your continued membership depends on it. 

  1. Maintain Group Privacy.
    What is said in the group stays in the group.  No sharing of posts. No exceptions. This can result in removal from the group.
  2. Follow basic courtesy and readability:
  • End each post with the name and initial Gina used to introduce you. (This also helps us to follow your story)
  • Use punctuation; break up long posts with paragraph breaks.   (We’re not sticklers for grammar or spelling. We just want to read your posts!)
  • Personal attacks and argumentative behavior are unwelcome. Please keep a civil tone.  
  • Please avoid controversial topics that can create discomfort for other members.
  • Please avoid giving advice or judging another member’s situation.
  1. Please refrain from promoting (directly or indirectly) any “free” or for-profit ventures, including commercial websites of any kind, tele-seminars, coaching, “conference”, etc.  

We realize you might have genuine questions about some of these ventures. Trouble is:

  • We cannot screen out those joining the group solely to promote themselves or others.
  • Moderators cannot vet every post along these lines.
  1.  Please focus on finding your voice:

If you’re unfamiliar with AA-based groups, this is a common feature. Speak from your experience, your feeling, without fear of being judged or criticized.

That is an invaluable benefit of this group.  We might be “not heard” at home or even among friends and family. We might have our words and intentions mangled. We might lose sight of which way is up. This is where you get grounded in your perceptions and feelings.

That means avoiding link-sharing, too:

The Internet and social media is full of links, many of them contradictory, unprofessional, and upsetting. We focus on what’s important, not more distractions.

We ask that members not rely on the group for a solid education in ADHD, including issues such as medication, Executive Functions, sleep, etc.. That is beyond the scope of this group. 

Gina will pipe in when she can. But please remember: Piecemeal answers are not a solution. Most of us need context and grounding in solid step-by-step education.

5. Please share your particular experience of ADHD without:

  • Categorizing all people with ADHD as “they”  
  • Telling other members what to do 
  • Providing information about medication as fact rather than your ADHD partner’s experience or one physician’s opinion
  • Providing any links!  Again, just avoid it.
  • Even if not literally sharing the link, introducing concepts found on the Internet that question the legitimacy of ADHD, offer alternate explanations, non-expert opinions, etc.
  1. When you can, welcome new members and provide support/validation to the posts that resonate for you.
  2. When possible, try remembering to categorize your posts with hashtags in the subject message:
  • To help you focus your thoughts/questions and
  • To make it easier to search the archive by subject.

We know you are often stressed and rushed. So, please don’t feel overly burdened by this. Just try to do it when you can!

Examples of complete subject messages:=

  • #PROGRESS: We finally found a great doc
  • #ARGH:  DW (dear wife or DH, dear husband) let the car run out of gas again
  • #QUESTION: What’s better: medication or therapy?
  • #SELF-CARE: I’m going for 20-minute walks every evening

Thank you for your cooperation — and for making ADHD Partner the safe and smart haven it has been since 2004.

Gina and Moderators


Note: all billing (unless arranged otherwise with Gina) takes place on the the ADHD Success Training platform.  Log in to your account here

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