Welcome to the Adult ADHD Amusement Park!

Welcome to the Adult ADHD Amusement Park!

Welcome to the Adult ADHD Amusement Park. This is where we know that ADHD is real—and sometimes fun—but sometimes abrupt twists and dips can give you whiplash.

Are You An Adult with ADHD (Diagnosed or Wondering)?

If you’re an adult with ADHD, know that you’re among friends. Here we:

  • Believe you—that sometimes your thoughts feel like an internal pinball machine
  • Take your word for it— that your actions don’t always match your intentions
  • Won’t ask you—to defend the validity of ADHD or be ashamed about taking medication
  • Won’t wag fingers and drone on—”If you’d just try harder, you could….”

You’ll find all types of validation, support, and no-nonsense strategies for making your life less hard and lots more pleasurable.

Are You the Partner of an ADHD Adult?

If you’re the partner (or even the parent, sibling, child, or friend) of an adult with ADHD, you’re also among folks who “get it.”  Here we:

  • Know you’re not exaggerating—when you say your adult with ADHD can act very differently at home than in the public
  • Appreciate that you’re tired—of whacking your head on kitchen cabinets (that someone leaves wide open) or knocking your head against the mental wall of “denial”
  • Understand—that you can love your ADHD partner to bits and still sometimes want to run screaming from the room
  • Won’t shame you—into ignoring ADHD’s more problematic side and focusing solely on the “gifts”
  • Definitely won’t tell you how screwy or controlling or sadistic you are—for hoping life can get better. Because it absolutely can.


That’s the whole point of this blog: To smooth your ride and add a little more joy to life. To come out of isolation and into the 21st Century.

If, on the other hand, you want to argue about ADHD’s existence or deny the reality that is millions of people’s lives, we encourage you to those echo chambers. We’re focused on facts and solutions—and enjoying happier, healthier lives.

I hope you’ll join us in the ADHD Amusement Park—where we specialize in roller coasters. How come?  I explain in Why An ADHD Roller Coaster?

Gina Pera, author and educator

  • Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? Stopping the Roller Coaster When Someone You Love Has Attention-Deficit Disorder (2008)
  • Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy: Clinical Interventions (2016)

This post originally appeared August 16, 2008


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