TotallyADD But “In Denial”? Try Humor!

Are you living with an “in-denial” adult with ADHD? Try humor. For starters, check out this short video featuring Canadian writer/director/actor Rick Green and maybe share it with your partner. Then both of you can (I hope) have a laugh.

In case you didn’t figure it out, Rick has ADHD. And guess what? Ava Green, his wife, works with him as video story editor. And together they produced the much-acclaimed GlobalTV documentary ADD and Loving It?!, featuring Canadian actor Patrick McKenna. Here is the description from the TotallyADD website:

The film is an inventive and often hilarious look at adult ADHD – not a surprising approach considering Rick and Patrick worked together on one of Canada’s longest-running and most popular comedy television series, The Red Green Show.  Both Rick and Patrick have been diagnosed with ADHD (Rick several years ago after his son was diagnosed, and Patrick in the course of making the documentary) and they share candid stories of life while  untreated and undiagnosed, and how they’re successfully coping now.

Last year, while speaking at the CADDAC conference on ADHD in Toronto, I had the great pleasure of meeting these nice folks and am happy to share their groundbreaking work with you. Especially for those who aren’t big readers, I know the video will be so helpful. But it’s the humor that really breaks new ground.

The entire documentary is available for sale at the TotallyADD shop.

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7 thoughts on “TotallyADD But “In Denial”? Try Humor!”

  1. Lol this video is hilarious. Not making fun of a serious disease like ADD, but laughter is always a good medicine.

  2. Lynda Evans Ricci

    OMG! Had he not had the accent, I could have mistaken him for my husband! I WILL get this video….I have found tha during my more “understanding and tolerant hours/days”, that when we (hubby and I) use humor, we communicate better and he’s less defensive and in “less denial” (is that possible???) about having ADHD. This (and your book, Gina) are helping me to lead HIM (and US) to a healthier place….I hope.
    I’m very, very grateful for your book and insights. I now realize that I too, have ADD…the clutter bug! But, I NOW know how to slowly work on me and understand him! 🙂

  3. The videos illustrate what ADHD IS without being generic or condescending or annoying or… When I hit an ADHD wall in my daily life I go watch a few totallyADD videos to regain perspective. Humor is a key part in helping me shift gears and I added the videos to my bag of coping tools.

  4. OMG, I totally LOVED that video! I’m sure that that is the kind of stuff that goes on in my husband’s head every day.


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