Seattle Adult ADHD Workshop: Sunday, 9/12/10

Seattle Adult ADHD

Imagine if, ten years ago—by some cross-temporal wrinkle—my husband and I could attend the Seattle Adult ADHD (and relationships) workshop that local therapist Don Baker and I have planned for next weekend.

Well, it’s probably better not to contemplate that fortunate scenario. The important part is that you can learn now what I wish we knew 10 years ago.

(Update 3/20: Please note that this workshop happened in 2010. Still, you might be interested in this post, especially how my husband and I almost perished in 911.)

In fact, as I note the event’s date (9/12), I am reminded how the “911” tragedy happened shortly after my husband’s ADHD diagnosis. In fact, that very day we were pursuing intensive couples therapy in Boston. (We live in the Bay Area; that’s how desperate we were).

The therapy went horribly. If you’ve read my first book,  Is it You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? you’ve read much of our story—but with pseudonyms.

Truly, the therapy was a nightmare. But one lucky thing happened on that trip. We survived when others weren’t so fortunate.

You see, we were originally scheduled on the fated SFO-bound United flight—but changed it the day before.

The Theme? Speeding Your Learning Curve

Against the backdrop of this massive tragedy,  our problems paled. Did that mean it was a joy being stuck together in a hotel room for four days after couples therapy that only exacerbated our challenges?  Not exactly.

During the many years I spent researching and writing my book, my sole motivation was clear: helping others to avoid the painful learning curve my husband and I had endured. If I could do that, our torturous journey would hold some larger meaning.

This past two weeks, I’ve painstakingly prepared for the Adult ADHD workshop in Seattle (co-hosted with therapist Don Baker, MD, LMHC).  My goal has been the same:  Giving workshop attendees the best of my hard-earned knowledge so they can fast-forward their success strategies at warp speed. If you already have your tickets, come prepared to learn — and laugh!

Don Baker Describes His Motivation for This Workshop

Here’s how Don describes his impetus for this workshop:

Dealing with relationships has been one of the most significant parts of my own ADHD journey.

Gina Pera says in her book that “ADHD awareness is a social justice issue, a question of each person deserving accurate knowledge and access to care that affords us full access to our talents and abilities.”

My personal and professional experience has taught me that it’s in an environment like the one Gina and I will create Sept 12th that significant learning and growth occurs.

Please join us and others in the Pacific Northwest ADHD community. For more information, please visit the event’s page on Brown Paper Tickets.

I love visiting Seattle and connecting with the ADHD community there. Last year, I presented the keynote at ADD Resources’ 8th AnnualADHD conference.


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