Noise Got You Rattled? Try These

During the “Year of Noise” at our house, my husband and I about lost our minds from small planes and helicopters flying overhead, neighbors’ rented jackhammers taking out old driveways, and lawn crews with their mowers, blowers, and more — oh my.

Earplugs helped to some degree, but what we really needed were two pair of these Optime Over-the-Head Earmuffs ($19.49). My husband learned about this apparatus from a work colleague who dons it when writing grant papers. He swears by them, and now my husband does, too. Here’s a snippet of an Amazon review:

The Peltor H10A Hearing Protector ear muffs really do the job! I ordered them to help eliminate the annoying whine of my computer tower. You know the kind of sound…very slight, but so high-pitched it goes straight to your ear drums and drills a hole till you can’t STAND it anymore!! Why am I SHOUTING!? Well, you can see how I had to do something to preserve my sanity.


I received the Peltor set and man, oh man, does it eliminate sound!! What pc whine? What pc! This headset completely eliminates those little sounds that drive you crazy. I recommend it for those who have noisy neighbors or roommates, barking dogs, drippy faucets, etc. It is amazing. Loud noises can still be heard, so the headset does not interfere with normal life and is not a safety hazard. They are comfortable on the ears, are fairly lightweight, and fit very(!) snugly.

If you can’t concentrate due to small, annoying noises, you would probably benefit from using this headset. The price is very reasonable, considering the benefits.

If you have chronic problems with ambient noises,  what’s your solution?


16 thoughts on “Noise Got You Rattled? Try These”

  1. This is freaking hilarious! I am going through a rut at work where I can’t seem to stay in gear long enough to get any paperwork done no matter what I try. I have a set of ear protectors from my dad’s construction days (he’s retired) sitting in the house for protection while using pneumatic tools. I completely forgot that I used to use these things during college for this very same reason. Thanks for the reminder and they are on right as I am typing. This does help block out ambient noise.

    1. Hey Danny — I’m happy to give you the reminder! My husband’s reading over my shoulder, and he says to add a pair of foam earplugs when you’re wearing the ear protectors. He pronounces it “bliss.” 🙂

    2. Here are the ones I use, they are industrial grade:

      My dad retired about 20 years ago. It’s amazing that they still sell the same product.

    3. Here are the ones I use, they are industrial grade:


      My dad retired about 20 years ago. It’s amazing that they still sell the same product.

    4. They look rather similar to the ones in the blog post. Nice to have options. tx.

  2. What about noise from the kids? They already think I’m crazy. They would definitely think I’m nuts if I wore them around the house. LOL. I have 4 kids and when they’re all talking at the same time, or making a lot of noise, it completely stresses me out.

    1. Noise from the kids qualifies as noise, Angie! 😉 What’s wrong with the kids thinking you’re nuts — maybe they’ll be more afraid. lol!

      All kidding aside, there’s nothing wrong with teaching children to use “inside voices” — this is part of helping the children to self-regulate. I grew up in a family of seven, and the din grew loud at home only when we were adults gathered around the holiday table. 🙂

      good luck!

  3. I don’t care how silly I look… I’d wear these to holiday gatherings at the in laws. I don’t say that to be mean… hubby has 12 siblings and most of them have 3 or more kids… gatherings stress me out (I don’t do well in large social gatherings due to all the noise, my brain feels “explodey”) and I’ll do anything! I usually end up in a self-imposed “time out” in a bathroom with the sink running. Wearing earphones may look silly, but silly is better than “that crazy lady hiding in the bathroom” right??? 😉

    1. lol! Chelsea, I hope you’ll send us a photo if you do that!

      12 siblings??? Wow. I come from a family of 7 of very animated and talkative Italians, and we too had lots of in-laws and kids. One Christmas, I was wondering where our new sister-in-law got to. She was so sweet, so young, and so used to quiet Baptist gatherings with her small family. I found her in the basement (a large basement where we kept the washer-dryer, freezer, ironing, board, etc.), crying and whimpering. She was just so overwhelmed!

      She eventually got used to us, until she and my brother divorced. But it had nothing to do with our noisy get-togethers. I don’t think so, anyway. 😉

  4. Hi Pursuit of Focus,

    Earplugs on family vacations….what a concept. I think I wear a pair the next time I’m poolside and kids are playing “Marco………Polo.” 🙂

  5. I’m wearing a pair of Audio-Technica Quiet Point noise canceling headphones as I type this. They completely block out the radio/noise coming from my husband’s studio. But they cost quite a bit more than the ones you’re writing about!

    Another thing I use (especially at night in order to sleep) is an iPhone app called Ambiance:

    It’s amazingly wonderful. It costs one dollar. It includes 100’s of sounds–but white noise is my fave. I don’t need ear plugs; I just set the phone on the table by my bed and turn it on. Obviously it’s a breeze to travel with if you’re stuck in a noisy hotel.

  6. Pursuit of Focus

    I use noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs. Ear plugs have been a lifesaver for me on family vacations.

  7. I hadn’t thought of these types of headphones/earmuffs (I associate them with the folks out on the airport tarmac) but…I’ll probably give it a try. Currently I use foam ear plugs and listen to white noise (waterfall or rain) through headphones.

    1. You can always return ’em!

      Thank goodness for the economic downturn. It’s meant that people have stopped making noise in our town. 🙂

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