My Top Six: Tools and Strategies That Work for Adult ADHD

adult adhd tools and strategies

Can you name your six favorite adult ADHD tools and strategies?  Yes, you might be hard-pressed to name only six!  So, what are your foundational tools and strategies?

When asked me to write a short piece on that topic, I focused on supporting Executive Functions by building in environmental supports.

That is, off-loading information that takes up too much bandwidth in your brain—so you think about more important things that the time of your dentist appointment next week.

Here is an excerpt from the piece:

Award-winning journalist and author of “Is it You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?,” Gina Pera is an ardent advocate for those affected by ADHD. She works to educate people on the condition and its implications, while eradicating myths and stigma surrounding it. One thing she really wants everyone to know: There’s really no such thing as an “ADHD brain.

“Instead, think of ADHD traits and symptoms as human traits — distractibility, disorganization, and all the rest. Having ADHD simply means you sit at a more extreme point on the spectrum of these traits. My motto is: The tools and strategies that work for people with ADHD work for the rest of us, too.”

In other words, just about everyone can use an extra hand when managing their time, money, and even relationships in the hubbub of today’s world. It’s simply that people with ADHD especially benefit from these tools.

Read about my top 6 picks here: Our Favorite Healthy Finds: ADHD Management Tools.

—Gina Pera


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