“Love Roller Coaster — Boo Hoo Hooo Hooo”

“Your love is like a roller coaster, baby baby. I wanna ride….ooo hoo hoo hoo.” (The headline’s poetic license courtesy of my husband.)

What’s an ADHD Roller Coaster blog without a theme song, especially one you can dance to? Click below to play my top pick: Love Roller Coaster from the Ohio Players.

I chose “roller coaster” for the book’s subtitle, and this blog’s name, because that word is repeated so often in the support groups I lead, for the partners of adults with ADHD—and for adults with ADHD themselves.

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5 thoughts on ““Love Roller Coaster — Boo Hoo Hooo Hooo””

  1. Arnold Peters

    Yes Gina, The Red Hot Chili Peppers would appeal to a different demographic, meaning younger than both of us. Noone is too young for the rollercoaster of love.

  2. Good suggestion, Otto. Keep ’em coming on the ADHD Roller Coaster Hit Parade.

    Speaking of dated expressions….Arnold, you’re so polite….by “different demographic” I assume you mean YOUNGER THAN ME.

    Actually, I was already working on the follow-up…stay tuned.

  3. Arnold Peters

    I think you cornered the roller coaster themed songs!

    Give a listen to the more modern rendition of the classic Ohio Players tune by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) – “Roller Coaster Of Love”. It may appeal to a different demographic.

    There is a sappy tune about acceptance that may be apropo – INGRID MICHAELSON – “The Way I Am”

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