Join Gina in San Francisco for Free Presentation

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to learn more about Adult ADHD, please join me for a free presentation Monday, February 11, 2013, at 6:30 to 8:45 pm.

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“Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD and Their Loved Ones”

with International ADHD Expert and Author Gina Pera

This entertaining, informative 1.5 hour presentation has been a hit at international ADHD conferences. Now I bring it home to audiences in the Bay Area.

This event kicks off a monthly series  of dynamic and practical evening workshops for adults with ADHD and their loved ones. Also welcome: mental-health professionals and students.

The goal: Learning and sharing solid information that leads to happier, healthier lives.

Note: This talk is not about “relationships” per se; it’s about adult ADHD, including its potential effects on relationships, and its treatment strategies. Both singles and couples will find the information helpful as will the mental-health professionals who help these adults and couples.

Please RSVP now to ensure your attendance. Seating capacity is limited. RSVP is required for admittance.

Topics Covered:

Most adults with ADHD struggle for decades before receiving a diagnosis. Consequently, many carry deeply entrenched poor coping skills and distorted explanations of their challenges and their abilities. Meanwhile, not knowing about ADHD, their loved ones and relationship partners might have formed their own distorted explanations.

Even when ADHD is finally diagnosed, the confusion often continues. ADHD symptoms themselves are highly variable among individuals but the life-long coping strategies are even more variable. And often counter-productive. The strategies that worked in high school or college (for example, pulling “all nighters” to write a term paper) can be disastrous in the workplace. Or after the baby arrives.

How then do these adults with ADHD (and their loved ones) find solid footing when navigating a mental healthcare system that isn’t always so “ADHD-friendly”? How do they find clarity and a more reliable path?

Gina will cover these topics and more:

  • Adult ADHD symptoms and their ramifications in everyday life.
  • The less-talked-about, often more complex lifetime’s accumulation of poor coping skills among adults with ADHD and their romantic partners. These habitual patterns that can compound each partner’s burden of misattribution, minimization, and denial.
  • Evidence-based strategies shown to help adults with ADHD, including medication (when appropriate) and psycho-education.
  • The specialized cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) model for ADHD, which research has shown helpful in untangling the web of counter-productive strategies and low-esteem.
  • The five variables that influence a couple’s degree of challenge.
  • The six strategies for change.

In fleshing out these topics, Gina will draw on leading experts’ best advice and combine it with her own personal knowledge of ADHD’s effects on relationships and the difficulties many adults with ADHD have in finding solid treatment.

In future monthly events, Gina will share information on specific topics, such as organization, sleep, and sex, and then open the topics for discussion within the group.

About ADHD Expert and Author Gina Pera:

Considered an international expert on Adult ADHD, Gina is married to an adult with late-diagnosis ADHD and has for 13 years led Adult ADHD discussion groups (both for adults with ADHD and their partners).

In the eight years spent researching her award-winning book, she became intimately familiar with the mounting literature as well as the thousands of personal stories in all their commonalities and variabilities.

Her book is endorsed by a “Who’s Who” of top ADHD experts, with a foreword by Russell Barkley, Ph.D.. It has earned 125 5-star reviews on

Gina enjoys entertaining and enlightening her lecture audiences by combining charts, text, and short films as well as plenty of cartoons, candor, humor, and “from the trenches” insights.

Her message is an informed and hopeful one: Adults with ADHD and their loved ones can let go of counterproductive coping strategies and create more effective ones. They can be happier, more productive, and in better control of their life goals and directions!

—I look forward to seeing you on February 11!  Be sure to RSVP through my Meetup group. That is required for attendance.

—Gina Pera


2 thoughts on “Join Gina in San Francisco for Free Presentation”

  1. Would love to be there Gina, and heartily support your ongoing efforts to inform, educate, and move understandings for evolved ADHD recovery to more utilitarian altitudes.

    Best wishes for a big turnout!
    Dr Charles Parker
    Author: New ADHD Medication Rules

    1. Thanks Chuck! I am excited about it. Lots of very motivated and interesting people have RSVP’d so far.

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