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organizational tools for ADHDFor the 37 years my husband lived without benefit of ADHD diagnosis, he developed many coping strategies. One was implementing organizational systems to eliminating time-wasting or unnecessarily frustrating himself by hunting down often-used items—keys, Swiss Army knife, umbrellas, and the like.  For the pre-diagnosis years of our relationship, I also developed systems, such as installing a white board in the kitchen for important communications.

These days, when people ask my advice in addressing their own or their partners’ ADHD-related challenges, I suggest they first focus on organizational strategies.  Perhaps even consulting a professional organizer before seeking therapy or couples counseling.

Yes, therapy can be important. Yes, medication can be foundational. But so many individual problems and “couples troubles” around ADHD stem from chronic disorganization. In fact, in my ADHD Partner Survey, disorganization was the top problem area reported by the partners of adults with ADHD!

In the early days of diagnosis, I consider it vital to instill a sense of optimism that life can truly get better. And one of the best ways to do that is to immediately focus on environmental strategies and supports.

Below, I have highlighted some products on that can help you get organizational traction. Quickly and cost-effectively.

The list is not exhaustive; I plan to highlight specific categories in the future (bedroom, closet, office, etc.).  The idea is to get you thinking strategically about problem-solving around “dealing with stuff” and reduce your stress.

Enjoy the slideshow, with my captions on each product! Click on any product to place it in your shopping cart. (Might not work in Google Chrome browser.)  It might take a minute to load. To advance to the next item, hover your cursor at the top mid-section of the image, and you’ll see the advance/go-back button.

14 thoughts on “Get Organized! Gina’s Picks on”

    1. Hi Lisa,

      There has NEVER been a better time to have ADHD. The resources available today, compared to 13 years ago (when my husband and I were looking), are just astounding.

      Here are some spots to get you started:

      1. My blogs — this one plus
      2. My book –
      3. The National Resource Center for ADHD.
      4. Totally ADD, from the creators of the smash-hit documentary “ADD & Loving It?!”
      You’ll find plenty of great videos (some both entertaining and informative), tips, strategies, and community.

      Good luck!

  1. I ordered a book for getting children (teen agers) organized. Gave it to one family but not the other and now need the name again. Any body know it?

    1. Hi Carol, there are many books on that topic. Perhaps if you search for ADHD and organization, it will come up and you’ll recognize it.

  2. Gina, Thanks for your reply. I was able to access the 3-page list by using an Internet Explorer browser–couldn’t access using Google Chrome. Reg

    1. Ah, thanks for letting me know, Reg. I had to stop using Chrome, because it seems Google doesn’t want us to visit certain websites with it. grr.


  3. Gina,
    Where is the actual listing of your picks for “Get organized!”?
    It appears that only the initial part of this 11/23/12 article was published to the web. . . . Hope you can post the list soon! Thanks.

    1. Hi Reg,

      Oh dear! You can’t see it? It should appear right beneath the text. In a large box – with numbers at the bottom indicating the page numbers (three).

      I wonder if you need to be signed in to your Amazon account in order to see it.

      Sheesh….technology. So hard to keep up with the details!


  4. I’m Gina’s husband, and I can attest that simple organizational strategies can be highly effective in diminishing the cognitive load felt by many ADDers. It doesn’t take much: the right tool and the power of habit and you’re off to the races.

    1. Hi Dylan,

      Gah, I just noticed that I selected the wrong model for the valet. I just added the right one (at least the one my husband has — and the other one seems to be out of stock, and has a lower rating).


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