Singalong with Frank: “ADHD Hypomanic Alcoholic S.O.B.”

ADHD Hypomanic Alcoholic S.O.B.

Gallows humor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If it’s not yours, please skip listening to Frank South’s song:  ADHD Hypomanic Alcoholic S.O.B.

Personally, I admire people who hold onto their sense of humor as they honestly face and rise above adverse circumstances. Without a keen appreciation of the absurd, my husband and I never would have survived the first 10 years of our relationship.

Without further ado, I bring you a catchy new song. It comes from a celebrity in ADHD world, Frank South. He is a  writer (including writing hit shows in Hollywood), one-man-show performer, and ADHD Dad blogger. To learn more, visit his website:  Frank South

This song is called ADHD Hypomanic Alcoholic S.O.B.  (Excuse the language and click on the photo to play the song).


The Back Story

I asked Frank for a little background, and he responded with this:

ADHD Hypomanic Alcoholic S.O.B.
Writer and performer Frank South

Just for your information, here’s the full story of the song: The song is written by Frank South, Aaron Raitiere, Colin Raitiere (BMI as South, Raitiere, South), with Aaron Raitiere on guitar and vocals. Colin played some b.g. guitar, I believe.

Colin is an M.D. and a friend of mine for some forty years. Aaron is his son, a Nashville singer-songwriter. We wrote ADHD Hypomanic Alcoholic S.O.B. one weekend in Aaron’s office when I started talking to him about my various diagnoses and behaviors over the years (countless failed relationships, finally on my third and finally lasting marriage), and the play I performed about all that, thinking it could be a great story for a country song about the struggle of trying to have an honest to god relationship when you’re well, kinda out of your head.

We traded stories and lyric lines back and forth—me typing and scribbling on a yellow pad, Aaron making chord notes and coming up with the music with Colin all at the same time. Anyway, by the end of the day, we had a song. Jeeze Louise, all these detailed liner notes for one little song – well, all my life I’ve tried to shut up, but all I do is talk.

About me:

I used to be a TV writer/producer. Now I’m a freelance writer writing stories about life as a stay-at-home dad, with two ADHD kids (one out of the nest but attached by phone), with my mother-in-law and/or my mother off and on in residence. My wife, Margaret, is neuro-typical, non-ADHD and an educator. She has the heavenly patience mentioned in the song.

Hear and Read More from Frank South

Primarily for the last 7 years or so,  I write the ADHD Dad blog for ADDitude magazine as well as contribute articles for the print version.

I also write other stories, short fiction and other stuff that I post on this blog.

Other things I’ve done – plays, videos, interviews about ADHD  with Mutual of Omaha, NBC, etc and links to all of the other stuff above can be found at my catch-all website.

Thanks, Frank, for this musical interlude at the ADHD Roller Coaster!


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