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Currently, I am not publicly offering consultations. But if you need expert help now, please let me know and we can arrange something.  Just use the “contact” link above.

Now until October 31, 2023, you can book a Zoom/phone call with me.

  • We’ll make the best use of our time together if you complete a short questionnaire as you book the appointment.
  • My broad cross-disciplinary knowledge means I can typically zero in on key issues quickly—and point to solutions.
  • Bonus: At checkout, take $100 off either or both courses! (You can also decide later, until Oct. 312)

Maybe you’re read books or websites on Adult ADHD—and you still have answers.  Or maybe you’re not keen on reading.  Maybe you’ve had therapy or coaching—and still, stuck.  Whatever the case, I have 25 years experience, am a recognized expert, and am here for you:

  • Adults with ADHD (diagnosed or likely)
  • Partners of adults with ADHD
  • Other loved ones
  • Professionals

Back in 1998, I desperately needed to speak with someone who “gets it.”  I’ll never forget that feeling of being so isolated and unsupported.  Even “gaslighted.” But there was no one who could help shed light and optimism.

Yes, it was back in 1998 that my husband was diagnosed with ADHD. Thanks only to me “connecting the dots.” Not a string of couple therapists. We had a very tough learning curve—and almost no support. We were on our own. Sink or swim. I wouldn’t wish those years on anyone.

Fortunately, today we see much more information online and in books.  Yet, the sheer volume of information can also be overwhelming.  What’s more, how to separate wheat from chaff when you’re already feeling overwhelmed? Pulled in so many directions?

For a Limited Time Only:

Most of my time right now goes to delivering online courses and support at  Solving Your Adult ADHD Puzzle — for individuals and couples

Consult with Gina Pera

Why Consult with Gina Pera?

Adults with ADHD aren’t clones. Neither are their partners.  That’s why it takes a flexible approach.

For more than 20 years, I’ve helped individuals with ADHD and their loved ones to understand their particular ADHD-related issues—and target evidence-based treatment strategies. In other words,  I help them to be savvier mental healthcare consumers (including with medication) —and learn how to help themselves using proven approaches.

My expertise is based upon:

  1. Researching and writing a groundbreaking book in 2008 on Adult ADHD and its treatment strategies—winner of four awards and highly regarded by both readers and experts.
  2. Marrying a scientist with undiagnosed ADHD who, since being diagnosed in 1998, is happier and healthier than ever in his life.
  3. Leading discussion groups for both adults with ADHD and their partners (two separate groups) for almost 20 years.
  4. Co-creating the first clinical guide for couples therapists treating ADHD affected couples (Routledge Press, 2016).
  5. Developing strong cross-disciplinary knowledge (medication, adaptive strategies, potential physical complications of ADHD, therapy shown to work for ADHD, and more)
  6. Being by nature a pragmatic problem-solver who is good at collecting data and synthesizing in order to highlight key obstacles and point to better strategies.
  7. Learn more about my work: About Gina Pera

To Learn More

To book an appointment with me, visit this link

I look forward to speaking with you!

Gina Pera


8 thoughts on “Consult with Gina Pera Via Zoom or Phone”

  1. Ryan Lockhart

    Hello Gina
    I am very interested in what you are talking about. I have suffered for most of my life from adhd and i am seeking medical help. I currently live in the u.s. virgin islands and the psychologists here are very hard to come by and very expensive with 2-3 monthly checkups for 3 months at $300 a session it gets expensive.
    I do not know where to look for online sessions and if i can get medicine filled or ordered here on Saint Croix, US Virgin Island?
    Can you help with and direction for me to go?

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Sorry but I don’t know if any of the tele-health services treating ADHD are accessible from the Virgin Islands.

      I tried searching for this info and found nothing. It might be that you identify two of the most reputable and write to ask if they are licensed for VI.

      What you might do first is try to find an Adult ADHD discussion group in VI. Attend and talk to others about their experience with local care providers.

      If you’re talking a total of $900, that might be comparatively cheap. But maybe you mean $300 a pop 2-3 times monthly—over three months. Considerably more! And unusually expensive. But you also say psychologists, not psychiatrists.

      If you’re seeking medical help (medication is the singlemost powerful tool in the ADHD toolbox), you should look for a prescriber (Psychiatrist or other type of MD) not a psychologist.

      Do you have a regular physician for general medical needs? You might want to ask that MD for guidance or referral.

      Maybe St. Thomas would be a better resource than St. Croix?

      There seem to be quite a few local clinics treating ADHD in children. You might want to call them and ask if they know of an affordable option for Adult ADHD.

      Wherever you go, I advise learning the ropes as much as you can first. For one thing, that will help you assess the clinician’s expertise. For another, it will help you to work as a team with the prescriber instead of a passive guinea pig. 🙂

      My course on “Physical Strategies” around Solving Your Adult ADHD Puzzle would be helpful. It covers medication, sleep, exercise, and nutrition.

      Sadly, there is much that prescribers do not know — but think they do! Self-education is the best policy, in my long experience.

      good luck!

  2. Hi Gina
    I am a partner of ADHD person, and am looking for a good online couple therapist to help.

    Would you be able to point me in the right direction please

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Leigh,

      I wish I knew of such a person. But I do not.

      Informed ADHD couple therapy is extremely (EXTREMELY) rare. If it were more commonly available, my co-author and I wouldn’t have spent 4 years producing the first clinical guide based on the evidence. We are the leading international experts on this topic, and we know it well.

      If your issues are minor and not mostly related to ADHD, maybe a standard therapist wouldn’t hurt.

      If issues are not minor and ADHD is still going poorly managed, a standard therapist can hurt — and meanwhile suck up resources such as money, time, and optimism.

      Trust me, ADHD-related couple issues typically involve more than “communication skills.” 🙂

      I created my course to bring Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy to everyone who needs it.

      You can learn more about the training here:


  3. Hi there! Is there a link to where we can book a session with you for this offer that ends at the end of October?


  4. Sherry Ray-Von

    I don’t know how to navigate this page or your due to my Adderall has run out after 10 years of continuous therapy my doctor tested me years ago and the results found that I have off the charts adhd and later diagnosed with bipolar. He found the best combination with out physical side effects was Adderall and Lamictal in the perfect dosage after the first few days I called him shouting omg this is the Fiat time I have woken up not angry am upset The Fiat day I have felt alive the Fiat time I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and it had been a calming in my since. I am in another country I have run out of my Adderall I’m downward spiraling day after day I can’t get my own help for the obvious reasons and now I’m stuck seriously stuck

    I need help I need to get back on this medication before I run out of patience because I’ve lost anything that helped me navigate how to do what I need to do I was going to move her but now I’m thinking big going home. I’m 61 I won’t survive I had not before and all the negativity is in me all day everyday all o want to do is get out my doctors secretary will not forward my emails she has manipulated any of my contact. But that’s a symptom to bipolar and add adhd anxiety depression panic attacks all coming back now I stopped taking the anti Depressants years ago My spirit changed when someone finally told me it’s not me I’m not stupid I have add and bipolar relived having that weight lifted I persevered not now I’m going backwards please please help me
    Sherry lost in spain please

    1. Dear Sherry,

      My heart goes out to you. This is beyond cruel, and you deserve better.

      I wish I could help. The only thing I can offer is to try a different amphetamine stimulant. Honestly, I am surprised you could get Adderall in Spain.

      Mydayis is the most similar to Adderall, being mixed-amphetamine salts in a different sustained released formulation.

      The other amphetamine stimulants include Vyvanse (chew and pill), Dexedrine, Dynavel XR, Zenzedi, and a few others.

      Good luck to you.


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