All About ADHD Meds: Dr. Parker’s Guide

ADHD medication Rules by Charles Parker, DO

Only Harry Potter fans have awaited a book as I’ve awaited the book on ADHD medication treatment strategies from Charles Parker, DO.

Nothing has frustrated me more in ten years of advocacy than hearing meds-gone-awry stories. A solid getting-the-meds-right guide for patients and clinicians is long overdue.

With the full book still in the editing stage, Dr. Parker has made this abbreviated e-book available free: Predictable Solutions for the 10 Most Common Challenges with ADHD Medications. 


The real book is available!  Click here:  New ADHD Medication Rules:  Brain Science and Common Sense.

Folks, I’ve read many clinical guides and published papers on ADHD medication treatment. While they suit their purposes, they don’t typically prove helpful for consumers.

Even many prescribers lack the kind of real-life information Dr. Parker has made available here.  And, let’s be honest, many prescribers for ADHD woefully underestimate the expertise required.

I am all about “self-educating and self-advocating.”  Do yourself a favor and read this book.  It could make all the difference in your response to medication.

Now, I will urge caution about the utility of SPECT scans. For most people, they are not necessary or even helpful. Following a methodical protocol can take you a long way. Trouble-shooting issues that most prescribers don’t even ask about (gut motility, for example) could make a big difference.

A sampling of challenges addressed:

  • Problem #1: Overlooking Targets – Beyond Diagnostic Labels
  • Problem #2: Neglecting the Evidence of Metabolic Rate
  • Problem #3: Multiple Diagnoses, Emotional Baggage, and ADHD
  • Problem #5: Overlooking Bipolar with ADHD
  • Problem #7: Overlooking the Therapeutic Window

From the Amazon Product Page:

What You Will Learn From New ADHD Medication Rules:

  • Stimulant medication duration, “burn rates,” depend on how the brain reacts to specific stimulant medications and to medical challenges in the body, such as nutrition and immunity. These imbalances affect brain function, and ultimately create unpredictable reactions to ADHD medications.
  • Treatment is not on par with easily understandable brain science. Brain science employs precise ADHD guideposts to remove much of the guesswork around diagnosis and treatment.
  • Few, if any, rules or protocols are available to practitioners for the daily clinical management of ADHD medications. Without specific rules patients face a standard-of-practice quagmire based upon inadequate treatment targets.

According to Parker: “Too many aren’t thinking critically about medical treatments for the thinking process. ADHD is a diagnosis based upon appearances, not brain function.”

Read it and reap! Thank you, Dr. Parker!

I welcome your comments.

—Gina Pera





1 thought on “All About ADHD Meds: Dr. Parker’s Guide”

  1. Gina,
    Gotta run as this is the day for my presentation on these matters at the Virtual ADHD Conference –

    The fact that you appreciate this material reassures me that I have hit the target with those on the front lines. You, my distant friend, are my favorite watchdog for the mumbo-jumbo, the dice rolling with ADHD treatments and meds. Thank you so much!

    The real ADHD road is out there in the streets and in the country, out there where the speakers don’t go, where folks are living as best they can without the latest findings, hoping to find a system that works for them and their families.

    Using the science, as you well know, does make medication work predictably, and the translations are simple for everyday application – useful even for the least informed. I do hope your readers take a look at this ebook, and look forward to their comments on any level.

    Many thanks!

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