ADHD Roller Coaster Nothing Compared to This!

Compared to a new ride called the Life Force Crusher, the ADHD Roller Coaster pales in comparison.  Consider the Crusher’s features:

  • Six disorienting vertical loops,fear_man1
  • 150-feet of highly unstable barrel rolls,
  • a portion in the middle where the ride just suddenly stops for no reason and refuses to start again until riders apologize,
  • an unexpected 310-foot drop at the very end.

And that’s not all!

“This heart-racing, gut-wrenching 90 mph free fall into unhealthy codependence and trust issues will have even the most extreme thrill-seekers begging for it to be over,” reads a Six Flags press release announcing the new coaster, which promises to require more attention and patience than any one man should reasonably be expected to have. “Can you survive the Agonizing Vortex of Unflagging Acrimony?”

If living with ADHD—your own or your partner’s—has grown exceedingly dull, this could be the ride for you! Click here to read more.

4 thoughts on “ADHD Roller Coaster Nothing Compared to This!”

  1. I’m a coaster junkie!! I always pay a visit to the Six Flags out here to ride the coasters, but it doesn’t have the new one. Hmmm. Cali? I just might have to plan a trip out there. I can’t pass up a 25 min coaster…25 min!! I’ll be sure to take my adhd meds. I wouldn’t want to get ill and yak on another rider because I’m riding two coasters at the same time 😉

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Between you and Katy, we have proof positive that ADHD is not a one-size-fits-all thing! You love roller coasters. She hates them. Vive la difference! 😉


    1. Well, Katy dear, the idea is to STOP the roller coaster…or at least slow it down. Or install air bags. Or….. 🙂

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