ADHD Roller Coaster Again Named A Best ADHD Blog

Best ADHD Blogs

For the fourth year running, editors named ADHD Roller Coaster a Best ADHD Blog.  They  describe my work this way:

For 17 years, Gina Pera has been dedicated to opening up dialogue on adult ADHD. Her background in journalism has made her a thorough researcher and interviewer. Her blog posts tackle issues the ADHD community faces, like managing medication properly and even relationship strain when one or both partners has ADHD.

Congratulations to the other winners!  What a delight finally to see so many blogs on ADHD.

When I started the ADHD Roller Coaster, in June of 2008, there were perhaps three of us:  JeffsADDMind and Mungo’s ADHD (now both offline).

My first post was  What Does Adult ADHD “Look Like”. In it, I shared the first findings from my ADHD Partner Survey. It’s the first and to date most comprehensive survey on issues affecting Adult ADHD, especially domestic concerns.

If you’re new to the Roller Coaster, roam around. The information spans nine years, and most of it still highly relevant.

Healthline scans the blogs in several other categories and creates a “Best” list for each. For example:

Thanks to ADHD Roller Coaster readers for continuing to communicate with and inspire me to dig for answers.

—Gina Pera


8 thoughts on “ADHD Roller Coaster Again Named A Best ADHD Blog”

  1. Your blog is always outstanding and interesting to read. You keep presenting new ideas or new information, never become stale or repetitious. I enjoy reading. Congrats. Your sister, Sandra

    1. Aw, thanks, Sandra. I don’t suppose you could be biased or anything. 🙂


  2. Trust is such a big thing these days. Not only do you deserve the Recognition, in my mind Journalists should look your way, as an example of the how Journalism should be done. Thank you for being one of my trusted sources for information, and being human at the same time.

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