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how the adhd diagnosis is made
Adult ADHD Basics

How Is The Adult ADHD Diagnosis Made?

This is perhaps the #1 question I receive about Adult ADHD:  How is it diagnosed?  To answer it in part, I offer this post, adapted excerpt from my book Is It You, Me, or Adult

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Personal Essays

A Tribute to Tommy Dendy: Teacher of Fathers

  Fathers can have a particularly tough time parenting children with ADHD. When the standard discipline strategies don’t work, they can get frustrated with themselves and their child. It doesn’t always end well. Over the

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SCT: A New Type of ADHD for Next DSM?

Before my friend Jack was diagnosed with ADHD, he used to call himself “Sluggo the Wonder Boy.”  Highly educated, hard-working, and his heart set on big achievements, Jack still had problems around being, well, sluggish.

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