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ADHD Myth 3 ADHD Symptoms Are Just Human Behaviors. Gina Pera's ADHD Roller Coaster Blog

Myth #3: ADHD Symptoms are Simply Human Behaviors

Taken singly, ADHD symptoms do resemble typical human behaviors—because they are. But there’s nothing “simple” about it. “ADHD is a matter of severity, an exaggeration of normal human behaviors,” explains physician, author, and ADHD expert

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Adult ADHD Basics

Myth #10: “You’re Medicating Daydreaming!”

Now we come to ADHD Myth #10: The symptoms of inattention in ADHD are nothing more than “daydreaming.” This is one more aspect of an over-arching popular myth about ADHD: It “pathologizes normal human behavior.”

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who decides who deserves ADHD medication

Myth #9: Medication Only for Severe ADHD

Myth #9: ADHD medication should be reserved only for severe cases. Who made that rule? Who knows. Sounds Puritanical. Or, in the case of hucksters exploiting the “ADHD Market,” marketing. You might have heard ADHD

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ADHD can be a big deal
Adult ADHD Basics

Myth #8: Having ADHD Is No Big Deal!

Myth #8: Having ADHD Is No Big Deal!  Here’s the longer version: ADHD is only a difference in how you view the world. Why make such a big deal of it—or, worse, pathologize it? Sure,

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Myth #5: ADHD Exists To Make Big Pharma Rich

Myth #5: “ADHD Exists To Make Big Pharma Rich” Conspiracy theorists take note: The discovery that neurostimulant medications can mitigate ADHD symptoms happened accidentally. In 1937. And, it took 50 years for the discovery to

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ADHD myth

Myth #1: “ADHD is for Kids!”

Is ADHD for kids only? Clearly, no. But we didn’t always know that. Until the 1990s, most medical professionals viewed ADHD as a diagnosis only for children, specifically physically hyperactive children. (A few in the

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ADHD Cyber Command On The Watch!

What is ADHD Cyber Command? My husband suggested it. As a military-technology buff, he saw links between our National Cyber Command and the machine-gun-rapid firing emanating from my office. Let me explain. For at least

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