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Knowing ADHD Facts Makes You Gaslight-Proof

Is there a connection between ADHD and this phenomenon called  gaslighting? Potentially. But, as with most ADHD-related topics, it’s complicated. In this post, I examine the topic from a few angles. I’m seeing more talk

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What’s Up With Generic Concerta?

Here at the ADHD Roller Coaster, I’ve long cautioned about generic medications for ADHD. Articles include Update on Generic Rx: Approach with Caution and Consumer Reports on Autos? Yes. ADHD Medications? No! I’m now hearing

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Dr. Parker’s New Book on “ADHD Rx Rules”!

When I talk about “optimizing medication” in my presentations on Adult ADHD, some faces in the audience look puzzled. That’s not surprising, given the stories I’ve heard for years of careless prescribing patterns that result

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ADHD Medication Guide

ADHD Medications Guide, Part II

  Welcome to this ADHD Medications Guide Part II.   Part I of this ADHD Medications Guide focused on common questions and answers, provided by longtime ADHD specialist Ted Mandelkorn, MD, of Puget Sound Behavioral Health. Here

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Update: Baseball Players, ADHD, and Rx

Pressured by Congress to crack down  on performance-enhancing drugs and “false claims of A.D.D.,”  Major League Baseball is pleased to report that the number of exemptions for ADHD medications are tapering off.  Is this really

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