Solve YOUR Adult ADHD Puzzle (Including In Relationships)

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A foundational, life-changing system for individuals, couples, and loved ones. Professionals, too.

With internationally respected expert Gina Pera

Thanks to Gina’s help, I feel I’m finally on the right path, at age 39! Gina is a rare find: funny, insightful and educated, well-written, and empathetic. Straightforward but caring. Really, really rare and awesome!

Jack D. - California

Finally! A Smarter Way to Get Traction

Gina Pera

If you’ve lived with Adult ADHD—in yourself or a loved one—you know….

Grappling with the complexity can feel like nailing jello to the wall. Especially when the diagnosis comes later in life.

It all started in childhood as a highly variable syndrome.

Left unrecognized, it can morph over time into a murky mix of symptoms, misinterpretations, distorted feedback and self-talk —and counterproductive attempts to cope. 

Once you finally hit upon ADHD as a possible explanation—or are finally ready to Do Something About It…..where do you start?

The Good News? You’re facing predictable, well-studied patterns—and we have proven approaches. I’ll take you through them step by step.

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m happy to help you decide if this training is right for you — or answer any other questions! Just send an e-mail. 

Gina Pera



Solving Those Life-Draining, Ridiculous, Beneath-Your-Intelligence Aggravations...
(You know which ones I mean!)

After 30 years of a "difficult" marriage, my husband and I started Gina's course. It has opened our eyes! Already we see positive results we never thought possible! Marriage counseling was a disaster. This course and my husband's counselor (who follows Gina's work) are taking us where we need to go.

Melissa T. - Oklahoma

Gina’s course is amazingly insightful. This from someone who NEVER does online courses for fear of distraction!

Michael N. - Australia

Gina's course has been more helpful than counseling ever has been. It's increased my husband's awareness of how some of his behaviors impact on others. One of the nicest things is that the course materials remain available to you. If something comes up later, simply re-watch the applicable parts to help you through. I first "binge-watched" to get an understanding for myself—and then watched with my husband, to get the benefits of mutual understanding.

Hope G. — British Columbia

You're An Individual, Not a Stereotype

We Rode the ADHD Roller Coaster— So You Don't Have To​

My husband received his ADHD diagnosis decades ago — thanks to me puzzling the pieces when almost no one was talking about it.

Ever since, I’ve worked to create awareness, improve treatment outcomes, and support others riding the ADHD Roller Coaster.

With an online community that just welcomed its 10,000th member,  I know where you get stuck AND how to help you clear your path.

With this course, I’ve combined the science and best clinical standards with my decades of experience. The result:  a methodical framework for slowing that ADHD Roller Coaster. Or at least making it a safer ride!

Learn more about my credentials at the bottom of this page.

Is This for Individuals or Couples? It's For Everyone!
Including professionals

with 9 Clear Steps,
You Will Learn How To:

Question ADHD "Truisms"

You might feel well-educated on Adult ADHD—and you might be. But how can you distinguish expert consensus from popular stereotypes? By learning with a respected guide — one who translates complexity into clarity.  Facts and evidence matter.

Understand What Makes a Diagnosis

ADHD is a variable syndrome. It affects individuals, not clones. When you know exactly how the diagnosis is made and  might apply to you, you gain an invaluable road map for targeting solutions—and tracking progress.  No more hit or miss.

De-Mystify the Evaluation Process

Knowing what should happen in the evaluation process makes you more confident about the diagnosis. Learn why third-party support (friend or loved one) can be a smart strategy, not “codependent.”   Gain tips on finding a professional.

Boost Executive Functions (EF) —

The gateway to productivity! Deep-dive into 8 functions essential to Getting Things Done.  Witness a common couple’s struggle —  preventable with one simple strategy.  Tune into emotional barriers to mastering new tools.

De-Construct Your Roller Coaster

Imagine discovering ADHD later in life—or finally accepting it. We typically  face three dizzying loops: 1) symptoms, 2) misinterpretations, 3) poor coping responses. Yet, we can smooth our ride, loop by loop, flying  solo or in a relationship.

Heal Dysfunctional Cycles

Ever wonder how best intentions crash and burn? Long-neglected symptoms sabotage clarity.  But there’s hope! The Dysfunctional Interaction Cycle pinpoints where we’re tripping ourselves up. Therapy should deliver this—but mostly falls short.

Air Your Reactions to the Diagnosis

This part is often neglected: Allowing yourself the emotional space to process the diagnosis. Navigate through stages of predictable reactions from grief to relief—and everything in between. This pivotal journey holds lasting significance. 

Review Effective Strategies

Which strategies can help with what—and why?  For example, optimizing medication and sleep, adopting new tools and habits to support Executive Functioning, enhancing communication using a structured technique. We take a bird’s eye view.

Take Stock and Plan for Progress

You’ll find tools to help you establish your baseline situation—and target goals one by one. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’re there? These tools also help you measure and celebrate the progress to come.

My husband and I just began Gina’s course. It’s much more approachable than asking him to read an ADHD book. He gets so distracted reading. These are short videos, super digestible and informative. My husband now reports feeling much more in control, less defensive, that he actually can learn to manage his ADHD. We are just doing a bit every evening after work and have learned something each time. It has been just as helpful for me as it has been for him so far. It feels very much like we are working as a team against ADHD for the first time in a long time.

Alex M. - Oklahoma

Why Is This Approach A Standout?

I’m a believer. Gina’s given me hope and I am ready to do whatever it takes to get my life back on track. For now, that means I won’t be paying $5,000 for an intensive-outpatient program for substance-use. I’m understanding now that I don’t have an “addictive personality”; I have ADHD. And until I address that, that program won’t work any better than previous ones.

Jerry D. - Florida

But Wait, There's More!

"Quick Sneak Peek" Bonus Module: 5 Steps

Designed to quickly orient you with the main course concepts—so you know you’re in the right place!

Welcome To The Bonus Module!

Relax!   Your predictable issues have explanations—and proven solutions. And, you’ll have support on this journey

You're Among Friends!

You’re not alone. You don’t have to explain it to us.  We’re here to validate each other’s perceptions and lighten stress. 

ADHD Roller Coaster
Triple Whammy

When we misinterpret ADHD symptoms, we throw ourselvse for a loop. Clarity cultivates calm! 

Meet Our Six Case Couples

Based on real couples, each is experiencing various  ADHD-related challenges. Through them, we might see a bit of ourselves. 

Dysfunctional Interaction Cycle

 We use a sophisticated but simple tool for preventing recurring conflicts. Based on the only proven therapy model for Adult ADHD.

As a therapist, I am so so relieved to have found this course — after scouring the internet for couples training on ADHD (nothing else on it out there). I can’t wait for more courses. Thank you again for this training, Gina. I am seeing these obstacles everywhere now, and this is such a life-saving lens!"

Dasha T. - Massachusetts

A Rare Opportunity: Zoom in for Peer Discussion and Q&A with Gina (optional)

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They're Raving About It!

Questions for Gina?

I'm happy to help you decide if this course is for you—or to answer any other question. Please send an e-mail to me.

  • Leading since 2004 the first online group for the partners of adults with ADHD—10,000 members and 14,000 posts to date
  • Leading two face-to-face groups in Silicon Valley for 15 years: One for adults with ADHD, one for the partners and other loved ones
  • Conducting the first and most comprehensive survey on Adult ADHD and relationships, with findings included in Dr. Russell Barkley’s clinical guide
  • Blogging at ADHD Roller Coaster, the first website on adult ADHD, where since 2008 I’ve covered the research and real-life issues and provided critical, original guidance on the Concerta generics issue, genetic-testing for ADHD, and more.
  • Attending and presenting at high-level conferences on ADHD, including internationally
  • Reading hundreds of published research papers

Published work:

  • Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?  Endorsed by a Who’s Who of preeminent experts
  • “Counseling Couples with ADHD”:  the first-ever chapter couple therapy in the 4th revision of Russell Barkley, PhD’s clinical handbook
  • Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy: Clinical Interventions — with Arthur L. Robin, PhD, the first clinical guide for treating ADHD-challenged couples, based on a merging of evidence-based strategies for Adult ADHD and for couple therapy.

Disclosure: No conflicts of interest.
For 25 years now, I’ve supported the use of medication as the single-most effective means of managing ADHD. But I have never accepted pharmaceutical industry support of any kind. 

Industry funding of research can be a good thing, when researchers have integrity and disclose the funding.  With the marketing that we see online and elsewhere, however, there is less and less disclosure, even among licensed mental-health professionals.