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Myth #3: ADHD Symptoms are Simply Human Behaviors

Taken singly, ADHD symptoms do resemble typical human behaviors—because they are. But there’s nothing “simple” about it. “ADHD is a matter of severity, an exaggeration of normal human behaviors,” explains physician, author, and ADHD expert

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ADHD perfectionism

Perfectionists Can Have ADHD, Too

To people who don’t truly understand Adult ADHD, it seems a ridiculous oxymoron: A perfectionist person with ADHD?  Yet, the phenomenon is surprisingly common. For example, I hear among perfectionism among my friends with ADHD who

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ADHD and Sleep: Organizing Your Brain

What do I mean—organizing your brain, deep-pressure receptors?   What does this have to do with ADHD and sleep?  I can explain. I slept 10 hours the other day—quite unusual for me. Lazing in bed that

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Why is my vyvanse not working? Vyvanse patent expired and FDA quickly approved 14 generics

Vyvanse Generics Roll Out — And Disappoint

The new Vyvanse generic products hit the market in August 2023, shortly after the U.S. patent for Vyvanse expired. The FDA had quickly cleared 14  generic manufacturers, and readers soon started reporting their experiences with

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A Swell Review

You know that marvelous feeling you get, when you stop hitting yourself in the head with a mallet? That’s how I felt in late September. Then I received a lovely surprise. First:  The Mallet First:

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Five Radical Tips for ADHD Relationships

Can I distill everything you need to know about ADHD relationships into five pieces of advice?  That’s tough! After all, ADHD is a complex syndrome affecting individuals, not clones.  Yet, I can definitely share five

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Gina Pera private consultation

Consult with Gina Pera Via Zoom or Phone

Currently, I am not publicly offering consultations. But if you need expert help now, please let me know and we can arrange something.  Just use the “contact” link above. Now until October 31, 2023, you

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