A Life Without Rules? ADHD and Escapism

  When we talk about ADHD and escapism, we often mean procrastinating and videogaming. But we also hear about the ultimate escape: escaping society’s rules. The question then becomes this:  Is ADHD  a diagnosis only

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ADHD Canada: Resources, Research, Advocacy

Oh Canada: How fortunate your ADHD community. You have two major national advocacy groups working on your behalf:  CADDRA and CADDAC. I cannot name another country having such an organized, diligent, and coordinated approach to

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Toxic Masculinity And Male Fragility

We’re hearing a lot these days about toxic masculinity and male entitlement and even male fragility. We hear almost nothing, however, about the many ways in which males—from fetal status onward—are, in general, neurobiologically more

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