Does ADHD Create Vulnerability to High-Control Groups?

Are people with unrecognized ADHD potentially at higher risk for joining so-called “high-control” groups? This might include cults (including anti-psychiatry cults), extreme political movements, or even  certain types of fundamentalist religions or churches?  If so,

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man in suit with head in sand

ADHD Denial Can Be Brain-Based

  Denial  of Adult ADHD symptoms hurts everyone. But we compound our hurt when we wrongly attribute this denial in our  loved ones to stubbornness or willfulness.  Sometimes, that is the case. Many times, however, “ADHD

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ADHD sense of smell

Can ADHD Affect Your Sense of Smell?

Can ADHD affect sense of smell?  Maybe. But maybe not in the way that we might presume.  I first wondered about this observing the olfactory habits of my husband, aka “Dr. Goat.” One day, our

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