The “You, Me, and ADHD” Book Club

Look soon for the  first post in the “You, Me, and ADHD” online book-club. Post by post, chapter by chapter, we open the comments to discuss chapters in my first book, Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?

It’s part book club, part Adult ADHD discussion group—for adults with ADHD and their loved ones. There’s no special enrollment or membership fee. The idea is to share insights and support.

Just be sure you’ve subscribed to my blog  to be notified of new poss.

Leading the discussion is my friend Taylor J, a fantastic and insightful writer. She has ADHD and is married to a man with ADHD—both diagnosed later in life. They are parents to four young children. Taylor realizes now that both of her parents have ADHD and addiction issues In short, Taylor covers all the bases!

After she shares her own reactions to each chapter, Taylor will offer some topics of discussion; those of you reading at home can join in.


Are You Ready to Join In?

If you haven’t begun reading—or you read the book years ago but need to refresh your memory —now’s the time to dip back into the book so you can join in the discussion.

Psst! My book is not just “for the partners”. But it is the first to detail the range of effects on loved ones when an adult’s ADHD goes unrecognized.

Nor is it simply about “ADHD and relationships”.   But it definitely has saved plenty of marriages, judging from my e-mail.

Instead, I wrote the book to provide everyone a a strong foundation in understanding many aspects of Adult ADHD, including:

  • Its core symptoms as well as the “emotional baggage” that comes with diagnosis only later in life
  • How to comprehend and get through the two types of denial that often accompany ADHD
  • The type of therapy shown effective (and the types that make things worse),
  • The effect on the partners of adults with ADHD, when the behaviors go unrecognized and unaddressed.
  • How to optimize medication
  • Supportive strategies that individuals and couples can implement, in order to support Executive Functions (for both of you!)

You can find the book at these places and in these formats:

The book comes in several formats, most of them available through the links above:

  1. Paperback
  2. Audio (CDs & downloadable Mp3)—also available at and
  3. Kindle
  4. Kobo, Google Play, iTunes, and many other book retailers

I’m very excited about this, and I hope you are, too!  Taylor and I have worked hard for months to entertain, inspire, and support you with a thought-provoking post per chapter.

—Gina Pera


5 thoughts on “The “You, Me, and ADHD” Book Club”

  1. Some of us want to be part, just can’t focus, keep interest long enough to stay with it..the good info. And giveaways are incentives to, though!

    1. The chapters aren’t too long, M! Even if you read just a paragraph or two, you will learn something.

      It might help to have your medication on board first.

      But that’s okay if you aren’t up to participating. Pipe up when the mood strikes you. 😉


  2. Welcome M!

    My husband said, “A book club! What makes you think people with ADHD want to be part of a book club?”

    Fooled him!


  3. I can’t wait!!! I’m so excited!!! I pray that lives are changed and eyes opened to the possibilities that good treatment can bring. 🙂

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