A Directory for Finding ADHD Expertise in U.S.

A Resource Directory: Finding ADHD Expertise in U.S.

Readers frequently write to me, asking if I know of ADHD care providers in their city.  As hard as I try to keep tabs on known clinicians worldwide, it’s a big world!

When I wrote this post, in 2010, CHADD and the National Resource Center on ADHD offered  a national directory of hospital-based clinics with ADHD expertise: ADHD Centers Directory.

This was especially useful before the Internet became what is it: highly searchable. You might still find this a great place to start. But please keep in mind: Being included on this list is not an endorsement from CHADD. It’s a list of advertisers.

—Gina Pera


6 thoughts on “A Directory for Finding ADHD Expertise in U.S.”

  1. Gina, do you have a directory of couples’ therapists? I know you were building one based on therapists that passed a test based on your book, and not payment, but can’t find a link to it elsewhere. Thank you!

    1. HI Sara,

      Thanks for asking.

      That was my plan, that therapists would read our new couple-therapy book, take an online quiz (for continuing education hours), and (if they pass) be able to purchase a space in the directory.

      I put an immense amount of work into developing the website, installing the online test, getting approval to grand the credits (despite a dizzying array of accrediting bodies within the mental-health profession, I could afford only one…at $1,000).

      Then, the book came out, and it’s been so difficult to market to couple-therapists.

      I need to re-double my efforts.

      It’s been very difficult, as I put four years of hard, steady work into the book, knowing it would not pay much in royalties. (So far, $200 to each of us…yes, for four years work! haha! Can you say “Labor of Love”?). I was so very tired after all that. And discouraged that it is such a tough sell to therapists.

      So, my revised plan has been to encourage consumers to buy the book and then, when shopping for a therapist, ask if the therapist has read the book as a condition for consuming therapy.

      Some day, though, some day.

      Here is the training/certification/directory site, FYI:


      Thanks for your interest!

  2. Years ago , approximately 2009 . Before the Dr. Amen Clinics where in the NY/NYc metro area I went to one in Virginia . Except for the high costs which I was lucky to handle, I was rather pleased/ satisfied with the service and results of this clinic. I’d be glad to go into detail yet it’s a bit personal and overall today I still believe both Dr.Amen and Dr. Howell are the best in this field. Feel free to ask questions etc. Be positive & stay GOLD & have Great upcoming holidays and into in to 2016!

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