Free Teleconf. 10/20: Strategies for Couples

You are invited to join me for a free teleconference tonight (Tuesday, October 20), sponsored by Seattle-based ADD Resources. Details below:

If you’re in a roller coaster relationship, it’s easy to blame your whiplash on the person sitting next to you in the cart.

But what if it’s not “you or me” that is creating these ups and downs? What if it’s ADHD?

We know that unaddressed ADHD symptoms alone can make for a rocky ride in the areas of finances, co-parenting, running a household, and intimacy. Less explored is the added burden of living for years in ignorance about ADHD and the poor coping strategies that typically develop as a result.

Author and ADHD advocate Gina Pera examines how common poor coping skills create problems for both partners, but in very different ways. Then she focuses on a three-fold strategy, based on her interviews with top ADHD experts and moderating ADHD support groups for eight years:

1. Optimize ADHD education, medication.
2. Adjust attitudes.
3. Learn new skills, habits.

Her message is a hopeful one: Couples affected by ADHD can let go of counterproductive coping strategies and create more effective ones. Then, as ADHD awareness and treatment progresses, couples begin to think more positively about themselves and each other — and actually enjoy the ride!

This teleconference is free other than any long distance charges that may apply. You do not need to be a member of ADDR – everyone is welcome!
  • Call 1(219) 509-8222 5 pm PDT, 6 pm MDT, 7 pm CDT, 8 pm EDT
  • At the prompt dial in access code number 659037


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