Jeff’s ADD Mind Keeps Expanding and Provoking

This blog referred to in this post no longer exists—though the links to his YouTube videos still work!

I keep it here to honor Jeff— as far as I know, the first blogger on Adult ADHD.

Techno-wizard and ADHD Blog-Veteran Jeff at Jeff’s ADD Mind has really been pushing the media envelope lately — movies, magazines, and more — and has now re-designed the entire site with a slick new look and easy navigation system.  It’s jam-packed with fun, philosophy, and irony (the precursors of healthy neurotransmitters!).  Among my favorites:

  • Jeff’s ADD Mind Magazine Rack: including the ADHD Handyman, the National Enquirer, and more. Remember: When News Breaks, Jeff Spoofs It!!
  • Jeff’s ADD Mind Movie Theater: including “The Gift of ADHD”
  • Hey You! A guide for first-time visitors (don’t be alarmed by the photo there of Jeff; he might look like a mafia don, but he’s all heart).
  • The Fraud of ADHD: Hard-hitting investigative exposes, including “Brain Tumors Do Not Exist.” (A HUGE thanks to Jeff for this one, posted in 2007. When I read it, my online advocacy efforts were being met with much flaming from the anti-psychiatry wing-nuts and, as Dr. Betsy Davenport calls them, the ADHD Gifters. Reading Jeff’s blog during these times bolstered my courage to keep writing about some of the hard-hitting facts about ADHD, because a problem denied is a problem entrenched and insoluble.)
  • Chef Jeff’s Cooking School: Guaranteed to put five pounds on in a hurry! And people with ADHD are often in a hurry, right?

Thanks to Jeff and His ADD Mind

And so much more!  Thank you, Jeff and your ADD Mind, for blazing the trail as a pioneer blogger on ADHD. You were there when the Internet was a pretty lonely and sometimes unfriendly place for people with ADHD who were seeking clarity, validation, and yes, the kind of inside humor that is at once entertaining and self-affirming. And you keep finding new ways to illuminate, educate, and amuse!



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