10 Ridiculous Things #ADHD Makes Me Do

Katy Rollins

What are the 10 ridiculous things #ADHD makes me do? The me in this case is my friend Katy Rollins. She writes one of my favorite blogs about living with Adult ADHD: 18Channels [no longer online].

By Katy Rollins

Just 10? I could probably list 100 but why blow them all on one post.

1) Follow my husband around the yard talking at him while he’s mowing the lawn, even though he can’t hear me, until he finally gives up, turns off the mower, and says “Yes?”

2) Decide to make dandelion wine. Then decide to make lilac wine. Then decide to make limoncello. Because three projects is BETTER than ONE!

3) Make a plan for the day – and then throw it out the window like the cheap imitation of a life that it is, if I get a better offer…or a distractingly good snack.

4) Sometimes avoid conversations because totally engaging in them can be totally a lot of work.

5) Keep throwing things in my big day bag because I need to “do” them, then experience confusion when the bag ends up weighing 35 lbs.

6) Headstands. Spontaneous headstands. On my couch.

7) Always lateness. Always working to thwart the always lateness.

8) Leave my purse sitting in random places. Like the middle of the sidewalk. Like around my body, but I forget it’s there. Like on tables in random public places.

9) Dream big. Regret it later.

10) Dream big again.


Katy’s bio:
I’m a wife, stepmother of three, collector of animals (I AM NOT A HOARDER, we are at capacity at five!), an artstrepreneur, event planner, social media/marketing consultant and compulsive civic project instigator. I can often be seen around town with my ADHDog in tow.


3 thoughts on “10 Ridiculous Things #ADHD Makes Me Do”

  1. Patty@homemakersdaily.com

    Some of those made me laugh, especially #1, #3, #4 and #8. I don’t really forget my purse any more but when I was a teenager, I forgot it constantly, especially Sunday’s at church. My mom and dad were always driving back to get it.

    And I’m always talking to my husband when he can’t hear me.

    Sometimes when I see people I know at a store I go up and talk to them. Other times I go out of my way to avoid them. I just don’t feel like going to all the effort of having a conversation. It rarely has anything to do with my schedule.

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