We don’t lack for information on Adult ADHD. But, unfortunately, we also don’t lack for myths. Which is which?

I wrote these Adult ADHD myth-busting posts early in the ADHD Roller Coaster’s life, starting in 2008.

By now, some of these myths are well-understood — but not by everyone!

—Gina Pera

Myth #5: ADHD Exists To Make Big Pharma Rich

Myth #5: “ADHD Exists To Make Big Pharma Rich” Conspiracy theorists take note: The discovery that neurostimulant medications can mitigate ADHD symptoms happened accidentally. In 1937. And, it took 50 years for the discovery to

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ADHD myth

Myth #1: “ADHD is for Kids!”

Is ADHD for kids only? Clearly, no. But we didn’t always know that. Until the 1990s, most medical professionals viewed ADHD as a diagnosis only for children, specifically physically hyperactive children. (A few in the

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ADHD Myth-Busting Series: Introduction

Throughout history, whenever we haven’t clearly understood a phenomenon, myths have substituted and passed for knowledge. As more of us learn about ADHD, the common misconceptions we encounter (especially in comments to news articles!) may

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ADHD News & Research

French Kids Don’t Have ADHD? Wrong

Have you heard that “French kids don’t have ADHD?” It’s not true. French Kids do have ADHD—as do children around the globe, at generally the same prevalence rate. When the post first appeared on Psychology 

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ADHD News & Research

Do “NeuroMyths” Hamper Children’s Education?

True or false? Fact or “neuromyth”? Individuals learn better when they receive information in their preferred learning style (for example, visual, auditory or kinesthetic). This axiom has long been accepted as a “truism” in education.

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