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San Diego’s Place to Be for ADHD

Don’t let psychologist Mark Katz’s gentle demeanor and kind eyes fool you. For more years than he probably cares to count, this psychologist and clinic director has been one of the strongest and most steadfast

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Amen Clinic San Francisco Opens

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Daniel Amen, M.D., so I was happy to see him at the opening of his newest Amen Clinic, just south of San Francisco, and welcome him to

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Gina Pera Adult ADHD course
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The Side Effects of Poor ADHD Medical Treatment

This post originally contained a link to my 2010 interview at the Healthy Place website. I emphasized  the routinely poor medical treatment many adults with ADHD receive—and how everyone deserves better. Unfortunately, many of the

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Gina's Books, Courses, Services

Seattle Adult ADHD Workshop: Sunday, 9/12/10

Imagine if, ten years ago—by some cross-temporal wrinkle—my husband and I could attend the Seattle Adult ADHD (and relationships) workshop that local therapist Don Baker and I have planned for next weekend. Well, it’s probably

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Adult ADHD Event, Seattle, Sept. 12 Filling Fast!

Update — The upcoming Seattle Adult ADHD workshop I announced here is already half-filled! Do you want to jump-start your ADHD-related knowledge and success strategies in a beautiful setting with knowledgeable, compassionate experts and attendees? 

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Seattle ADHD Workshop with Don and Gina

Adult ADHD workshops are few and far between on the West Coast, especially those that include a focus on relationship issues. To remedy this situation, well-known Seattle ADHD specialist Don Baker, MA, LMHC, and I

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