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This blog category contains posts related to ADHD research and other reports in the news.

ADHD is a public health issue Swedish study
ADHD News & Research

ADHD Poses Risks for Serious Health Conditions and Diseases

Adults with ADHD face higher health risks of a wide range of physical conditions. That includes nervous system, respiratory, musculo-skeletal, and metabolic diseases. These research findings come from a large register-based study from Sweden’s Karolinska

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ADHD News & Research

ADHD Canada: Resources, Research, Advocacy

Oh Canada: How fortunate your ADHD community. You have two major national advocacy groups working on your behalf:  CADDRA and CADDAC. I cannot name another country having such an organized, diligent, and coordinated approach to

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ADHD News & Research

Hey CDC! Why Misinform On ADHD?

If you’ve missed the headlines, here’s a quick summary: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been promoting therapy before medication for young children with ADHD. Sounds reasonable, eh? Except it’s not. I’m asking you to please empty

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