Strattera Savings Programs

Strattera Savings Program

Please note: The original (2015) Strattera savings program discount card has expired.

If you can show financial need, you might access another patient-assistance program through the Lily Cares Foundation.  Learn more at Lily Cares.

Two More Tips:

  1. Strattera is generic now. Given that this medication does not use a sophisticated delivery system (as with Concerta, for example), a generic might work as well as brand for you.
  2. Don’t have insurance? You might try one of the “big box” store pharmacies—Costco pharmacy, for example. (You needn’t be a Costco member to use the pharmacy.)
  3. Have insurance? The co-pay for generic might be more than the generic paid out of pocket at Costco pharmacy, Target, etc..
  4. Other savings programs might be helpful. For example: GoodRx and WellRx

—Gina Pera



15 thoughts on “Strattera Savings Programs”

  1. Hi I’m having issues with the card I called to see if they were ready cause my son had hes last one today and I put hes order in a week ago. Well they told me there is now a generic one that came out 2 weeks ago so I’m like cool that’s usually cheaper so how much he says 60.00 I’m like that’s what I pay for he’s strattera with out the extra card from them which is 25.00. So he said I had to have doctor do something and I said he’s prescription is for just that so he try’s it goes though to get the brand name but it’s also coming up as 60.00 didn’t know why thought the generic messed it up but to find out it expired they did extend it to dec 31 2017 so I filled out for a new card and call them back they put the info in and it comes up 60.00 again. Do you even know why if it was extended. I have meds of my own to get on top of he’s and we struggle as it is to get all mine more less hes at 60.00 plus he took hes last one today and he’s soooo out of control when he’s off it were I just wanna run away screaming. No one can handle him when he’s not on it so can’t ask anyone to help with him. He’s ADHD is that bad, I as well have add so ya makes it tougher..please help me to figure out what to do next and why it’s not working?

    1. Hi Holly,

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. It’s always something, isn’t it. 🙁

      I’m not sure what to tell you. I just read the “fine print” regarding the savings card. And, given what the pharmacy told you (“to have the doctor do something”), I think this might be the key:

      To ensure you receive branded Strattera treatment, ask your doctor to
      write “Dispense As Written” on your prescription.1

      So, ask your prescribing physician to stipulate that you are not to receive the generic, to “dispense as written” — that is, brand Strattera.

      Here is the website for the card.

      Good luck!

    2. Yes that’s basically what the want. They ACUALLY tried it that way so I can get that one and it worked it’s just the card isn’t working to take it back to 25.00. I’m going to call the makers on Monday and see what’s going on

    3. Yes, call the number on that site, on Monday.

      It might be that the introduction of the new generic has changed things. As it always does.

      It’s only been two weeks.


  2. Do you know if there are any other programs out there to help with the high cost of Strattera? Due to a change in jobs, and different insurance, my son’s medication went from $45.00 a month to $255.00. I honestly don’t know how long we can afford this. I’m paying now, because it truly has helped him. Any information is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Tonya,

      So, are you already using the Strattera savings card? You don’t mention it, so I’m not sure you are.

      Most pharma companies have programs for people who financially qualify. I don’t know of one for Strattera, but you can call this customer service number and ask: The Lilly Answers Center at 1-800-LillyRx (1-800-545-5979).

      Good luck!

  3. If your previous savings card has been used up gotten your 11 months can you submit a new one? We cannot do the $75 a month it costs without it

    1. Hi King,

      Yes, according to the company, the expiration date has been extended. As I wrote in the piece above:

      the initial program, which expired 12/15, has been extended to 5/26/17.

      Call the number in the post to find out for sure:


      Good luck,

  4. the card doesn’t work if your insurance does not pay the majority of it. It only supplements the co pay. That is why she pays so much

  5. Hi Marie,

    My e-mail to Paul was regarding something else. Nothing to do with the Strattera discount program.

    I’m not sure why you are spending $400/month on your son’s medication when you have that card. Did it expire?

    I just checked the website, and the program has been extended to 5/26/17. If you have trouble, there is a contact number in the post you can call.

    Good luck,

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Yes, you can use this card with your health insurance. In fact, you can ONLY use it with health insurance.

      Here is an excerpt from my post:

      1. You must have commercial insurance coverage, and you must be a resident of the US and PR.


  6. Hi Gina
    I’ll send a better thank you and summary of my trip soon. I just picked up my 27 mg concerta 30 pill prescription at Wal-Mart for $215.79 out of my pocket, (BCBS contract price knocked down from $241.79) . After a long call to BCBS last night, today I went to pick up the 40 mg strattera 30 pills for $340.50 out of my pocket. (BCBS contract price knocked down from $393.92). These are applied to my $6000 deductible, at least for this year. Rumor has it that next year that may not even happen. Just a few years ago I was paying less than $30 for methylphenidate 20 mg. I will get the Strattera card but that is a minor cushion to the huge jump in ADHD med costs. I don’t understand how other people deal with it, or how the increases can be justified. I’m not even sure I can deal with it in the long term, months, not years. I’m guessing self medication through various worse societal and personal consequential methods will become even more prevalent. I for whatever reason will try to avoid that route. Do leaders in government even see the big picture? How can I get across to others how difficult ADHD is and has been internally to deal with, while putting on an aura that, I’m doing fine, “Societies slogan in regards to ADHD medicines seems to be “Just Deal With It, By Yourself Preferably. ” It’s just business… legal or otherwise.

    1. HI Paul,

      Nice to hear from you. Please look for an e-mail from me.

      Yes, the costs are prohibitive for some. The pharma companies, however, have pretty generous assistance programs. They do require some paperwork, but once you get over that hurdle, it’s much easier.

      Did you get the Actavis/OROS Concerta?


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