Generic Concerta in Canada: Parallel Problems


Canadian-Maple-Leaf-FlagThis past weekend, I presented at the CADDAC ADHD conference in Vancouver, where I learned that Canadians are dealing with their own generic Concerta.

CADDAC stands for Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada; it is the national advocacy organization. And Heidi Bernhardt’s is the steady hand steering much of the ongoing progress in Canada around ADHD awareness, including organizing conferences and working on public policy. If you live in Canada and have ADHD, be glad that Heidi is in your corner!

We talked about Canada’s challenges with generic Concerta (different manufacturers than in U.S.). When I asked Heidi to provide an update for my blog’s Canadian readers, she responded with this:

“We are having very similar issues with the generic Concerta that is available in Canada, Teva Methylphenidate ER-C. To access additional information on this please click on this link at the CADDAC web site. Dr. Kenny Handelman’s blog post on the topic is also excellent.

“We are currently surveying medical practitioners to discover how much of an issue they are finding generic mental health medications. It seems that sensitivities to alterations in mental health medications are greater and cause more fallout than with other medications.

“If you would like to let CADDAC know about issues that you have had or are having with generic medication, please send an e-mail to me, Heidi Bernhardt.

“We also encourage patients to report issues with less efficacy or increased side effects to Health Canada. Health Canada has let us know that nothing will be done unless they hear from enough people. For more info on this please access

Heidi Bernhardt
President and Executive Director, CADDAC

3 thoughts on “Generic Concerta in Canada: Parallel Problems”

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  2. Hi Michael,

    Do you mean the CADDAC conference in Vancouver at the start of November? I was there presenting, but I don’t recall talk of Concerta.


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