A Directory for Finding ADHD Expertise in U.S.

A Resource Directory: Finding ADHD Expertise in U.S.

Are you seeking a resource for finding ADHD Expertise in the U.S.?

Readers frequently write to me, asking if I know of ADHD care providers in their city.  As hard as I try to keep tabs on known clinicians worldwide, it’s a big world! Now I can refer folks to a convenient resource developed by the National Resource Center on ADHD.

State-By-State List of Hospital and University Clinics

The good news is that this task has gotten much easier, thanks to The National Resource Center on ADHD (a collaboration of the non-profit CHADD and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control). It has compiled a state-by-state list of hospital and university clinics treating ADHD, with specific information on whether the focus is on pediatrics, adolescents, and/or adults.

Here’s information on the list of hospital and university-based resources for ADHD:

There are many settings in which individuals receive services for ADHD. These include private practices of individual professionals, group practices of several professionals, as well as clinics offering both ADHD and other types of medical/behavioral health services. The links on this page are limited solely to those clinics which have expertise in diagnosing and treating ADHD AND which are part of a hospital or university. This list is not exhaustive

  • It does not include individual/group practices, and it specifically excludes ADHD clinics (for profit or non-profit) that are not part of a larger hospital or university. 
  • See the CHADD Professional Directory, composed of Professional Members of CHADD, for more ADHD resources. [Gina’s note: This professional directory is a great resource of people who have paid for a listing in this directory. A directory listing does not reflect any type of vetting or approval process by CHADD.]

Disclaimer:  The NRC does not endorse or represent ADHD diagnostic or treatment facilities including the hospital and university ADHD centers listed in this section. This list was compiled by NRC staff and is by no means a complete or all-inclusive list.

If you still can’t find a nearby resource, seek out the nearest teaching hospital and medical school, where information about ADHD is more likely to be current. Of course, search the Internet for care providers in your region. Sometimes, a website provides a wealth of details that would incline you toward, or away from, a clinician.

A Free Toll-Free Help Line, Too:

Questions about ADHD? Call 800-233-4050
Monday-Friday, 1 PM to 5 PM, Eastern

The NRC website is a gold mine of solid information on ADHD (including Spanish translations).  And you can also call their toll-free telephone number with questions on ADHD:

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—Gina Pera

6 thoughts on “A Directory for Finding ADHD Expertise in U.S.”

  1. Gina, do you have a directory of couples’ therapists? I know you were building one based on therapists that passed a test based on your book, and not payment, but can’t find a link to it elsewhere. Thank you!

    1. HI Sara,

      Thanks for asking.

      That was my plan, that therapists would read our new couple-therapy book, take an online quiz (for continuing education hours), and (if they pass) be able to purchase a space in the directory.

      I put an immense amount of work into developing the website, installing the online test, getting approval to grand the credits (despite a dizzying array of accrediting bodies within the mental-health profession, I could afford only one…at $1,000).

      Then, the book came out, and it’s been so difficult to market to couple-therapists.

      I need to re-double my efforts.

      It’s been very difficult, as I put four years of hard, steady work into the book, knowing it would not pay much in royalties. (So far, $200 to each of us…yes, for four years work! haha! Can you say “Labor of Love”?). I was so very tired after all that. And discouraged that it is such a tough sell to therapists.

      So, my revised plan has been to encourage consumers to buy the book and then, when shopping for a therapist, ask if the therapist has read the book as a condition for consuming therapy.

      Some day, though, some day.

      Here is the training/certification/directory site, FYI:


      Thanks for your interest!

  2. Years ago , approximately 2009 . Before the Dr. Amen Clinics where in the NY/NYc metro area I went to one in Virginia . Except for the high costs which I was lucky to handle, I was rather pleased/ satisfied with the service and results of this clinic. I’d be glad to go into detail yet it’s a bit personal and overall today I still believe both Dr.Amen and Dr. Howell are the best in this field. Feel free to ask questions etc. Be positive & stay GOLD & have Great upcoming holidays and into in to 2016!

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