Vyvanse Generics Roll Out — And Disappoint

Why is my vyvanse not working? Vyvanse patent expired and FDA quickly approved 14 generics

The new Vyvanse generic products hit the market in August 2023, shortly after the U.S. patent for Vyvanse expired. The FDA had quickly cleared 14  generic manufacturers, and readers soon started reporting their experiences with these new generics in the comments below.

Data is limited at this point, but I’ve seen no evidence that these generics truly do “work the same as brand.” It seems to be the Concerta generics all over again. In other words, Big Generic exploits FDA loopholes on novel delivery system medications—and consumers lose.

In this post, I’ll hit the highlights. Look for updates as I learn more.  The hard truth is, no public figure is going to advocate on behalf of patients with ADHD. It’s been made too “controversial.”  This is entirely on the ADHD community, patients and care providers alike.

In This Post On Vyvanse Generics

  1. Please Share This Post On Vyvanse Generics
  2. Please Share Your Experience With Vyvanse Generics
  3. Other Dextroamphetamine Options
  4. We Might See Positive Changes – Or More Confusion
  5. But Pharmacy Benefit Managers…Benefit
  6. Reader Comments On Vyvanse Generics
  7. A Quick Word About Generic Vs. Brand
  8. 14 Vyvanse Generics Manufacturers Approved
  9. Vyvanse Delivery System Cause For Optimism?
  10. Vyvanse Is A “Prodrug”
  11. Vyvanse Quick History
  12. Vyvanse European Patents Expire Later
  13. Vyvanse Maker Takeda’s Frequently Asked Questions
  14. Selected Posts On ADHD Generic Medications

Please Share this Post on Vyvanse Generics

You won’t find this information on commercial sites. As a rare website on Adult ADHD that has never accepted pharma industry support, the sole goal here is serving readers.  So, please share this where you can.

As happened with Concerta, many Vyvanse customers will have no idea why their “medication has stopped working.”  They won’t question the medication itself, even if it looks nothing like the old Vyvanse. After all,  both prescribers and pharmacists alike generally assure that generics are “exactly the same as brand.” Instead, they’ll question other changes in their lives. This is natural: People with ADHD are often conditioned to focus on “what they’re doing wrong”.

For example, starting in 2014, brand Concerta users were  caught flat-footed—sometimes with serious repercussions. They learned they’d been switched to an inferior Concerta generic  only weeks or months in—and typically only after finding my reports.

Until then, many attributed increased symptoms to other causes—such as more stress or a school change. They didn’t think to question the medication, even though it looked different. Why? Because they’d been assured “generics are exactly the same as brand.”  That’s what’s so dangerous.

I share this not to send Vyvanse users into a panic—just to be beware.  We’ve seen ADHD-medication “goat rodeos” before, and it’s best to be prepared.

Please Comment On Your Experience with Vyvanse Generics

If you, as a regular Vyvanse user, experience negative results with the new generics, please consider taking a few actions:

  • Please share any first-hand experiences with the new Vyvanse generics in the comments below.
  • When you do, please note which generic you received (it’s written on the bottle); there are at least 14!
  • If you experience adverse effects, please consider filing a report through FDA’s Medwatch.  “Adverse” can cover a range of differences between brand and generic. It needn’t be life-threatening. Concerta users filing Medwatch complaints helped to get the FDA to reconsider the generic designation—and downgrade as not bioequivalent.
FDA Medwatch Vyvanse generic
First question in FDA Medwatch online reporting form

Other Dextroamphetamine Options

Remember, Vyvanse isn’t the only stimulant containing dextroamphetamine. Yet, it is the only pro-drug formulation.  Other choices include Dexedrine Spansule, Zenzedi, and ProCentra.  [I have no business relationship with any pharmaceutical company.]

We Might See Positive Changes – Or More Confusion

To be sure: A few negative reader comments does not a consensus make. It’s just one data point but it’s an important one.  We might find that some of these Vyvanse generics are better than others.

Like Concerta, Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate) is a hugely popular medication for ADHD.   With this patent expiration, the flood of Vyvanse generics could significantly reshape the landscape of ADHD treatment. Then again, we might best describe this past year’s landscape of shortages and higher prices as “ravaged.” So, one knows what reshaping might mean.

Like Vyvanse, Concerta marked a major innovation in long-acting  stimulant treatment. When Concerta generics turned out to be “not even close to the same”,  many people suffered. Still are. That’s why I want to be proactive with these Vyvanse generics.

We might see positive changes, such as more affordable medications. Or, we might face more confusion and less access to brands of any kind. I try to be optimistic but we can’t ignore reality. Especially as the early reports surface.

[advertising; not endorsement] [advertising; not endorsement]

But Pharmacy Benefit Managers…Benefit

Most healthcare consumers have not heard of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). But PBMs have heard of us. Beyond the issues with Concerta generics (Concerta archive at ADHD Roller Coaster). Beyond Adderall “shortages”. PBMs have been wreaking havoc with access to medications (especially brands) and affordability.

My post explains a bit about how PBMs might be affecting your access to medications, especially brand medications: PBMs Restrict Access to ADHD Medications

Writing at PSG Consultants (“an EPIC company”), Scott Halperin, PharmD, celebrates the Vyvanse generics as a boon for employers:  New Vyvanse Generics: A Break for Employers.   He makes no mention of consumers.

Yes, it’s important to note that, as Halperin claims:  “A one-month supply averages over $350 for 30 capsules or tablets, and this cost is a burden to employers and to the increasing number of patients who are obligated to meet a deductible or co-insurance.”   But when a pharmacist—at this consultancy or our local chain pharmacy—fails to make even the most tentative caution to consumers, you know that we are on our own.

vyvanse generic users

Reader Comments On Vyvanse Generics

ADHD Roller Coaster readers have shared their experiences in the comments.

A reader named Melani writes:

I was shipped the Mallinckrodt version of Vyvanse (30mg) by my insurance company, and it’s terrible. It’s doing the exact opposite as the real Vyvanse. Real Vyvanse wakes me up and I feel good. This generic version makes me feel so tired, I can’t stop yawning all day. Headaches, feeling “off” or “high”, kind of like I took Dayquil- this detached, spaced out feeling. All my muscles feel like I ran a marathon; twitchy and exhausted. It’s terrible.

Lyndee shares her experience with Sun pharmaceuticals Vyvanse generic

I had to stop since switching, waiting for MD call back. Was feeling high depression, high anxiety with intrusive thoughts since swapping to Sun Pharmaceuticals generic. I’ve never had intrusive thoughts in my entire life, thankfully I’m able to recognize them for what they are but still concerning.

And Jane writes about her ice-skating daughter’s experience with a new Vyvanse generic:

I checked the bottle my granddaughters script is 20mg of Amneal generic for Vyvanse. I’m not sure what to do. She’s a highly competitive ice skater at the age of 9 and has taken 3 bad falls in 10 days. I knew something was off in her erratic behavior— lack of focus, arms all over, creating a problem for the huge jumps she does in training. Now what do we do? It’s dangerous!

ADHD generic medication not same as brand

A Quick Word About Generic Vs. Brand

Contrary to what some physicians and pharmacists tell us, generic is not always “exactly the same as brand.”  This is especially true with medications using complex delivery systems. As mentioned previously, one prime example is Concerta’s patented osmotic capsule called OROS.

In 2014, “Big Generic” started exploiting  FDA loopholes on generics for complex-delivery system drugs. Concerta generic manufacturers did not use OROS.  Instead, they used more rudimentary means.  As a result, no Concerta generic works in the same way that Concerta does.

After I opened the first FDA MedWatch complaint, readers registered their negative experiences. As a result, the FDA downgraded the first three Concerta generics in 2016. All that changed in 2017.  A new White House administration and newly appointed FDA chief forced a dramatic reversal. This came over the objections of FDA scientists’ concerns about bio-equivalence.

Below, I’ll share a little conjecture about how “true” these Vyvanse true generics can be.  For background: True generics are what we commonly understand as a generic. Authorized generic is what we call the brand medication that’s marketed/sold as a generic. As far as I can tell, we won’t see an authorized generic for Vyvanse.

At the end of this post, you’ll find several past posts on generic vs. brand ADHD medication issues.

 I have a newly diagnosed daughter with ADHD and finding your website especially the article regarding generic Concerta was so helpful. Thank you for all the work you are doing to help the ADHD community. In case you have not seen, the FTC is currently investigating the issue of generics and shortages of medications. There is a place for us to comment and make them aware of our individual experiences with generics. In case you think your audience might be interested... This is the FTC's article: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/news/press-releases/2024/02/ftc-hhs-seek-public-comment-generic-drug-shortages-competition-amongst-powerful-middlemen This is where individuals may comment: https://www.regulations.gov/docket/FTC-2024-0018/document Thanks again for all you do.

14 Vyvanse Generics Manufacturers Approved

The FDA chart of approved Vyvanse generics currently shows 14 companies with approved Vyvanse generics.  A veritable clown car.

Not every company, however, produces all the available dosages — 10 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg.

No timeline has been announced as to when consumers can access these Vyvanse generics.

To view the FDA chart (3 pages worth), click on this link and enter the search term “lisdex”:  Orange Book: Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations

Here is the list of companies:

  1. Actavis
  2. Alkem
  3. Apotex
  4. Ascent Pharmaceuticals Inc
  5. Lannett
  6. Mylan
  7. Norwich
  8. Prinston
  9. Rhodes
  10. Specgzx (subsidiary of Mallinckrodt)
  11. Sun
  12. Amneal
  13. Hikma
  14. Teva

On August 31, Reuters reported that “drugmakers have begun shipping copycat versions of Takeda Pharmaceutical’s drug Vyvanse.”

The article says that U.S.-based drugmakers Mallinckrodt and Viatris, UK-based Hikma Pharmaceuticals, and Indian drugmaker Sun Pharmaceutical Industries confirmed last week that they began shipping their generic versions of the drug.

You can read more here:  Generic drugmakers start shipping copies of Takeda’s ADHD drug Vyvanse

vyvanse has a prodrug delivery system

Vyvanse Delivery System Cause for Optimism?

Is Vyvanse’s delivery system as sophisticated and precise as Concerta’s OROS delivery system?  I’m no pharmacologist but I don’t think so.  This might be reason for optimism. A simpler delivery system would be easier to re-create in a generic. If that’s the case, it might up the odds of a Vyvanse generic working similarly to the brand. More about Vyvanse’s delivery system below.

In fact, I’ve heard that a Vyvanse generic might improve delivery. But for now, that’s only hearsay and….probably marketing. Early reports are not good when it comes to bioequivalence.

An August 31, 2023 Everyday Health report on this topic (FDA Clears First Generics of ADHD Drug Vyvanse) quotes Jack Turban, MD, MHS.  He is director of the Gender Psychiatry Program at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF):

It should be fairly straightforward for anyone already taking Vyvanse for ADHD to switch to generic versions of this drug because they work exactly the same way. [emphasis mine – GP]

Some people taking other stimulants might also try generic Vyvanse, especially if this is the only thing they can get while their regular medicines are out of stock at their local pharmacy.

With all due respect, Dr. Turban seems unfamiliar with the Concerta fiasco—and the fact that generics are not always “exactly the same as brand.” He is also not an ADHD specialist. Rather, his specialty is pediatric gender identity and related public health issues. Everyday Health is but one in a plethora of Silicon Valley venture-capital-funded commercial “health” sites —not a serious source of medical information.

The ADHD medical experts I contacted are  unwilling to speculate on Vyvanse generics’ bio-equivalence. Again, check the reader comments below. And again, if you have tried a Vyvanse generic, please share your experience in a comment. Be sure to include the. manufacturer. They are not all the same.


Pro drugs are the inactive forms of drugs, which require conversion by the body to be effective. Active drugs arrive in the body "ready to go," Vyvanse is an example of an ADHD medication that is a pro-drug, or inactive form of the medication.


Vyvanse is a “Prodrug”

Vyvanse’s marketing claim to fame is being the first “non-abusable” stimulant. (Not exactly true).

It’s called a “prodrug”. What that?  Prodrugs are medications that become active only after entering the body and undergoing conversion by certain bodily chemicals or enzymes.  Until that happens, the medication remains inactive. In other words, it does nothing.  (Dr. Goat and I explain this in Part 4 of our 7-part series on gene-testing for ADHD medications.)

In the case of Vyvanse, the stimulant medication (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and  converted to dextroamphetamine. Only then does it become active—and ready to go to work. As a result, it is claimed, this design also makes it harder to crush, snort, or inject the drug for a quick high. Purportedly, this contributes to its reduced abuse potential.

Vyvanse Quick History

Shire Pharmaceuticals introduced Vyvanse to the market in 2007.  This new, long-acting amphetamine-class stimulant, along with fiercely aggressive marketing, contributed massively to Shire’s profits for years.

In 2014 alone, Shire’s top-selling drug brought in about  $1.5 billion in sales. When the company succeeded in getting Vyvanse FDA-approved as a medication to treat binge-eating, the CEO estimated that alone would contribute an additional $200-300 million Vyvanse annual sales.

Japan-based Takeda acquired Vyvanse from Shire in 2019. Even before that, though, Shire took legal actions to prevent competitors from entering the market until the Vyvanse patent expired in 2023.  In the U.S., Vyvanse generated substantial revenue for Takeda—to the tune of $2.53 billion in 2022, showing impressive growth over the previous year.

For more info, see Fierce Pharma’s report: The top 10 drugs losing US exclusivity in 2023

Vyvanse European Patents Expire Later

In Europe, Vyvanse is mostly called Elvanse. European patents were set to expire in the summer of 2024. Vyvanse manufacturer Takeda, however,  extended its patent protection in certain countries until February 2028 and March 2029, according to Takeda’s latest annual report.

Vyvanse Maker Takeda’s Frequently Asked Questions

For more information from Takeda, manufacturer of Vyvanse, check out their Frequently Asked Questions

Selected Posts on ADHD Generic Medications

These posts from the ADHD Roller Coaster archives shed light on various aspects of this topic.

ADHD Rx Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics — Pt. 4

Consumer Q&A on Concerta Generics—And Generics in General

Generic ADHD Medications: Events In the News 2009 to 2022

“Bottle of Lies” Exposes Generic Drugs

Are you concerned about the changes to come?  Do you know what your other options might be?

I strongly encourage anyone making decisions about ADHD medications to get educated.

The hard truth is, we cannot rely on the average prescriber—or sometimes even the specialists. Now more than ever.

You’ll find this and more in Course 2 of Solving Your Adult ADHD Puzzle: Physical Strategies

I welcome your comments!

—Gina Pera


127 thoughts on “Vyvanse Generics Roll Out — And Disappoint”

  1. I’ve been taking 40mg vyvanse for over 7 years. Back in January 2024 it was not available. Apparently none of the generics were available either. The pharmacy gave me some glimmer of hope that it would be in when they get their next shipment. After 3 weeks I was having headaches (something that has never been an issue for me) and, unnoticeable to me but very evident to everyone else, mood swings.

    My doctor switched me to 20mg adderall. As a 20 yr recovering alcoholic, and hearing of many relapses by abusing adderall over the years, I was hesitant but needed to do something.

    A few days on adderall and, for me, I had the thought that “this is how people without ADHD experience every day”. I’m calm. I transition from task to task effortlessly. My adult children commented how “engaged” I have been over the past few months. Taxes were even done and in on time!

    It has been a great change to say the least. It highlights how we all experience medications differently and continual open conversations with the prescribing physician is even more important for those of us with ADHD.

    I did have some peculiar side effects while on vyvanse. But I’ll leave that to another comment at some point.

    1. Hi Tim,

      That’s great that you found an alternative to Vyvanse. Congrats!

      Yes, many people have your experience with Adderall. But many other people do NOT.

      This is just another example of ADHD being a HIGHLY variable syndrome that affects individuals, with unique neurochemistry and genetics, not clones.

      FYi – if you have trouble getting Adderall, many people who did well on Adderall like Mydayis. It’s a longer-acting Adderall.


  2. Hi Gina, thank you so much for this post. It was sent to me by my therapist who has been listening to me complain about how my vyvanse stopped working since being switch to generic for the past several months. It feels fantastic to know that my concerns are valid and I appreciate the sense of community in sharing these same struggles with a large group of others collectively. I not only have experienced the extreme fatigue, yawning, headaches, dizziness, ineffectiveness, anxiety, intrusive thoughts and major wipeout, that everyone describes but I have felt like I’ve been having a heart attack multiple times a week. I am 25 years old and have contributed these feelings to just physical anxiety attacks and heart palpitations, but my body during these times feel as though my vagus nerve is radiating pain in my back, abdomen, chest, left arm, and legs. I felt like this sensation was not related to me taking the 70mg pill as usual but now I’m thinking it might correlate. When I take the old name brand capsules I had left over from before, I noticed a complete difference. The generics I have had to put up with since then have differed between the Lannett and Alvogen brands. I miss more than anything feeling like the best version of myself for me and my 2 young children and am looking to increase my income just to be able to afford the increase of price between what I’m paying now versus what I would have to pay to get the original Vyvanse again. Now I know to fill out a FDA medwatch complaint thanks to all of you and hopefully together our voices will be heard and we can make a change.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kylee.

      Kudos to that therapist for taking your complaints seriously!

      There are other options. If you need help navigating medication choices, the differences in how they work, etc… and maximizing sleep (if that’s a challenge for you) so that medication will work better, please check my in-depth training. Unfortunately, we simply cannot rely on the majority of prescribers to know ANY of this. And it can cost us.


      take care

  3. I’ve noticed a marked increase in the symptoms for which I have taken Vyvanse, at tremendous expense, for over ten years. This coincided with some exhausting and stressful life events, so I ascribed the change to circumstances. Life has gotten more normal lately but the symptoms have not improved.

    Today, I read your article and checked the date I began to get generic Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate by Hikma: November of 2024, just when my health declined.

    I followed the link on this site and filed my FDA complaint today. Thanks for your work.

  4. I’m sort of a big “ditto” here. Taking Vyvanse 30 for many years. After switching to Lisdexamfetamine, all seemed ok for some weeks, but now I’ve been struggling for months. I’ve assumed it was another health issue until it struck me this could be the reason. But . . . I’m a social scientist, and drawing conclusions from anecdotal reports, even my own, makes my skin crawl. Are you aware of controlled experiments aimed at evaluating any differences? This would not be a hard study! Just two groups getting the different versions of the medication who don’t know which they are receiving.


    1. Hi Jeff,

      There are MANY junk Vyvanse generics. Moreover, physiologies vary: such an investigation would require a huge “n”.

      Mostly, though, we know that the delivery mechanism is not the same. So, think horses, not zebras.

      I encourage you to file a quick FDA Medwatch complaint and get on finding an alternative. There are many, and you might like one of them better.

      Or, investigate the hoops you might have to jump through to get brand.

      From what I hear, the longer one waits, the harder it is.

      Good luck

  5. I have been taking Vyvanse for almost a year with great results and no side effects. I recently was switched due to my insurance to the generic Lisdexmfetamine Dimesylate, and I feel it is LESS effective. I have to double the dosage to get a similar effect. SMH!! It’s ridiculous, and the generic raised their costs, so instead of me paying $15 I now have to pay $45! I’d rather pay double for Vyvanse, at least it works!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Sorry you got caught in this Big Generic heist.

      it still might be possible to get the brand. Contact your insurer and ask what it would take.

      Please consider filing an FDA Medwatch complaint. Link in post.


  6. I’ve been on vyvanse for about 10 years. Ever since I got switched to generic, my work productivity hasn’t been the same. I’ve been taking specgx and it doesn’t work at all. It gives me migraines, and have been exhausted. Last month I took the brand because generic was out of stock, and noticed a huge difference. Less headaches, not as anxious, and was more alert. This month, I’m back to generic, nothing wakes me up. Luckily, I just had a doctors appointment this week and next refill she will be writing it as brand only or switching to adderall if insurance refuses to cover. This is unacceptable by insurance and FDA to make people switch from something that was working for them to a medication that doesn’t work at all and make people suffer with their jobs or school.,.

    1. Good luck getting what you need. You might want to check out Mydayis or another stimulant before Adderall.

      You might even try to get the chew form if Vyvanse.

      It is absolutely not fair. The Trump White House is responsible for this. And it will be close to impossible to reverse. Elections have consequences.


  7. The first time I was given the generic (Hikma), I was disappointed because it didn’t work. But after that I was given a few different generic’s of Vyvanse and last month, I started feeling exhausted, like I can’t even make it through a work day without falling asleep. My doctor called the pharmacy and they said that the 2 months prior they gave me Alvogen, but this month they gave me Hikma. Every time I have had Hikma, it makes me feel awful and I cannot function! They were suppose to make a note in their system not to give me Hikma generic. But unfortunately, I was given Hikma generic again this month! And again I’m exhausted, can’t do normal tasks and feel depressed. The pharmacy can only get Hikma in 60mg, I hope they will stop Hikma from making the generic vyvanse so the other manufacturers can make more of it so I wont be having these issues. Hikma’s generic is worse than not taking anything at all!

    1. That’s awful. If you can muster the motivation, please complete a medwatch complaint. Link in the article.

      Perhaps try another pharmacy or use the home delivery option if you have one. Eg. Express scripts, prime mail, etc.

      Or try another stimulant altogether.

      Good luck


  8. I have been taking 70mg Vyvanse for about 10 years and was recently switched to Hikma lisdexamfetamine 70mg. Two weeks in and it seems like it does nothing. I now get more focus and energy from a cup of coffee and it seems taking the pill just makes me more tired. Spoke to my doctor and she sent in a new prescription for brand name Vyvanse but i have to wait another 10 days before i can get it filled. Instead of a $40 copay it goes up to $180 for 90 days but I will gladly pay the difference because to me the generic just does not work. Hopefully they will work out whatever formulation difference that causes the generic to not work. Never have had any issues with generic but there is absolutely something off with this one.

    1. Hi Dwreck,

      I know the price jump is tough. But seriously, you are lucky to be able to get the brand for $60/month.

      Not sure you really have to wait 10 days. You could call your insurance pharmacy 800-number and ask to get an interim supply at the local drugstore. Worth a shot!

      Thanks for your comment. Please file an FDA Medwatch complaint, if you can.


    2. Gina – Thank you for the reply. Caremark is making we wait until I am due for my next refill to fill the Vyvanse. I guess they consider the generic and name brand the same so I can’t get more until it would be 2 weeks before the generics would of been all used up. I will file the complaint now.

      Thanks again for this site. As horrible as it is I am glad to find that I am not the only person with the issue 🙂

    3. Ach, Caremark. Where caring makes you a mark. 🙂

      CVS bears a lot of responsibility for the mess we see now. A LOT. Its merger with Aetna should never have been allowed, but it was 2018 and lots of things never allowed were suddenly happening.

      Most pharmacies are acknowledging that the generics aren’t working as well, when pressed. But CVS…..no.

      If you never tried a methylphenidate brand, maybe you could try for that. Because what could it hurt?

      I’m hearing good things from former Concerta users about Journay PM and the Daytrana (generic) patch.

      Mydayis is closer to Adderall than Vyvanse, but might be worth a shot.

      So sorry you are dealing with this. It’s so outrageous.


  9. I am so glad I came across this page. I had been taking Vyvanse for a couple years now. I am 42 years old and my doctor had a thought that my anxiety symptoms I have had for years might be due to ADD. Once I started Vyvanse it was like a fog cleared!! All was great until I was switched the generic (Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate – Hikma 20mg ) I started to feel very tired every day, I had headaches, my muscles felt sore. My body ached (similar to when you are getting sick or have a fever feeling but I didn’t have any other symptoms only the aches.) Thankfully when I reached out to my doctor to ask about it she said that even thought the generic had the same active ingredients it can have different inactive ingredients that can cause reactions and might not work the same way as the brand name. She called in a new prescription for the brand to my pharmacy and explained I had adverse reactions to the generic. It’s disappointing because I really liked only paying less than $20 for 3 months compared to now what I pay for the brand name because there is a generic option available.

    1. Hi Shana,

      Thanks for your comment. Kudos to your doctor — first of all for recognizing that your “anxiety” might actually be ADHD. This is huge — and ridiculously missed on a massive scale.

      Yes, the generics can have different colorants and binders, and that can affect some people adversely.

      But it’s also the delivery system. The way in which the pill delivers the lisdex to the body. The brand uses a sophisticated delivery system. The generic…..barely a delivery system at all.

      Yes, it’s all disappointing. I’m glad you are able to get the brand. It might be that youro insurance will cover more if you can show that you tried 1-2 Vyvanse generics, to poor effect, and you need the brand.

      If you can, please consider filing an FDA Medwatch complaint. That’s the only way we have hope of changing this situation with the junk generics.


  10. Hi, I’m so glad I came across this site! I’m 52 yr old lady that has taken Vyanse for 10 + plus years. I was taking 70 mg. It served a dual purpose for me, ADD & BED (binge eating disorder).. I was excited about the generic because of cost effectiveness. I need to stay focused for my job too. I really only noticed this month, my focus is off, I’m staying “hungry”. I’m staying tired, My house work is “worse” (motivation), and although gross, nail picking/nail biting has increased. I would take my Vyvanse first thing in the morning. With this generic. I noticed within a couple hours my hands were shaky. I would always feel a little chatty, but not notice the shaky hands. I’ve never been one that would say, there is no difference between brand vs generic, but I may have to take a step back on that. I want to give it one more, trial month, before I ask about going back to brand. Again, I noticed some differences last month, but now I’m believing it could be related to the medicine. I’m checking in with my physician soon to discuss if anything else medical is going on. Thanks for reading my post.

    1. Hi Lovey,

      So sorry this is happening to you. But how smart of you to find my post and these comments! Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Honestly, I would not give it a month. What often happens is that the farther out one gets from effective treatment, the more one loses sight of what effective treatment feels like! And the less one is able to organize oneself around finding alternatives.

      I know someone who obtained the “chew” version of Vyvanse. I think there is a liquid, too. Might be worth checking out with your insurance coverage.

      Also, please know that your physician might not understand that these generics are nothing like the brand. They and pharmacists are sometimes the last to know.

      good luck!

  11. I have been taking Vyvanse for 15 years (taking ADHD meds since 1995).
    Two weeks ago to my surprise, I received Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate from Hixma.
    I compared the physical characteristics to the real Vyvanse (I have a few capsules left). The generic is a little bigger, a little softer and slightly different shade of color than Vyvanse.
    I started taking the generic the next day at 6:00 AM. I didn’t feel anything at first and I initially thought I forgot to take it. Had to drink coffee all day to supplement. Then at the end of day, I felt fatigued and lethargic (without the benefits of being focused earlier in the day). With Vyvanse, I wouldn’t even be aware that the meds wore off. It’s that smooth.
    After 5 days, I was starting to get used to the sub-optimum efficacy of the generic. I tend to lose focus and get distracted more often. I feel like my frontal lobes are engaged but the upper mid brain is foggy, like I have no band width for cognitive thinking, which is critical in my work at a prominent aerospace company.
    After 10 days of the generic, I went back on the real Vyvanse for two days (I have a few capsules left). I felt totally engaged, both cognitively and energy-wise (wherewithal).
    I since went back to the generic and feel like I’m on a downward spiral. I seem to have developed a lackadaisical view of my job. Like I don’t really care nor do I have the wherewithal to keep focused and do the deep thinking that is required for the task at hand. I’m thinking of doubling the dose to see if that works, but I need to send a note to my doctor first and get his opinion. I doubt he can do anything until the next “refill” is submitted (which is now 70 days away because I get a 90-day supply from mail-order). I hope I can hang on that long.

    1. Dear Marc,

      May I say ARGH.

      You point to the double-whammy of these junk generics—— that is, the cognitive bandwidth that you might need for cutting through red tape and finding your way to a better solution…. Is reduced thanks to the junk generic.

      Please do NOT wait. There is no law that says you must continue to suffer, even risking your job, for weeks.

      And if you do that, you’ll have a weaker case in getting something else.

      Write down what you’ve written here. Send it to your MD.

      Meanwhile, ask your pharmacy benefit manager which adhd medications you CAN have, and try them.

      Unless you know you don’t respond well to MPH, it’s worth trying one. There tend to be more brand options.

      Also, Mydayis is more like .adderall than Vyvanse but it might be worth a try.

      If you fear you will lose sight of this importance, maybe recruit a friend or lived one to remind you and offer logistical support.

      Take care,

    2. I have had name brands submitted to insurance with a prior auth within a few days of a 90 day supply of a generic that won’t work. If I “qualify” they go through. You do not have to wait till the end of your supply. I took one pill of the Hikma generic and it was so bad, with a new script from my doctor my former insurance company shipped me the name brand. Sadly, I have a new PBM which is not as easy to deal with and am doubtful it will cover when I have my doctor submit a PA next week. But one can try. My experience was so bad on the Hikma I will self pay for name brand. But ouch, it is expensive.

    3. Thanks for underscoring my point, Cheryl.

      Have you tried getting the Vyvanse chew? I’ve heard from some folks that it’s possible. Of course everything depends on your policy and the *&%#$! PBM.

      And there might be other options.

      good luck!


    4. everything Gina said, but please also go on the the FDA.gov website and file a medication adverse report. They need to hear this.

  12. I have been taking Vyvanse 60 mg with good results for about 10 years. Recently I received a generic made by Alvogen. I can’t be absolutely certain that the things I have been experiencing are from taking this generic, but I understand from the pharmacy that this is the first time I have received the generic from this particular company. I have spent nearly a week feeling like I used to feel before I was diagnosed and prescribed medication. Sleepy, tired. Like I can’t wake up fully. Like it hurts to think very deeply. I will be discussing it with my healthcare provider soon, but thought I would mention it in case anyone else out there has had a similar experience.

    1. Thanks, Wendy! You might want to share this post with your healthcare provider. Some are unfamiliar with the lack of bioequivalence with these generics.


  13. I have been on Vyvanse for many years. Last month the pharmacy gave me a generic. (Mylan manufacturer) It was horrible. It felt like having ten cups of coffee but no effects on helpful with ADHD. Actually had no motivation and caused depression. My Doctor prescribed brand this month with brand medically necessary. With that, insurance covered but have $150 copay and there is no longer a co pay assist card. Luckily I am able to pay it and there huge difference from the generic. It’s unfortunate these generics are obviously not the same and we are denied for the medication that is deemed best by the Doctor.

    1. Good for you, AJ. You might want to check out home delivery from national pharmacies. Could be cheaper.

      And yes, “unfortunate” is the least of it. “Criminal” is more like it, imho.


    2. Listen, I’ve been on Vyvanse70 mg for over 11 years. I used to pay $250 a month before it was considered “covered” by insurance. The pharmacy filled my script in Nov of last year and bc it wasn’t written “name brand” I got the generic. I gave it a chance for 2 months. The generic is not at all the same, I’ve regressed. Takeda’s U. S patent expired so other companies had a long time to make another product and since it’s generic the FDA approved them all. But the compound is not the same.

    3. That’s right, Aly. The delivery system is not the same. It’s not Vyvanse. It’s the same basic ingredient in a non-bioequivalent delivery system.

      The FDA approved these because the rules about bioequivalence were thrown out by the 2017 White House’s FDA chief. Over FDA scientists’ objections.


  14. So happy to have found this website and informative article. Thank you to the author for adding the useful resources, too.

    I’m a 42.5yo healthy female who is a ‘late-diagnosed’ newcomer to diagnosis (ADHD-C), that can relate to everyone that says ‘Wow, this explains so much’. My doctor used past medication failures and my new (then) diagnosis last year to inform his first choice of med to try in the management of my symptoms from ADHD-C, and he went with Vyvanse; I started on 30mg and moved up to 50mg, where I stayed for the past 11 months. To say that Vyvanse changed my life and outlook for the better would be a massive understatement; It immediately made a huge difference. I was using the name brand Vyvanse up until my most recent refill in December 2023 when my pharmacy provided APOTEX CORP’s “Lisdexamfetamine”. Within the first two days I felt a declining difference, and by the end of the fifth day I was starting to notice a “spiral” taking shape. Intrusive thoughts rooted in sadness and hopelessness have returned, and I have also dealt with: the return of robotic bingeing and an obsession with food; a desire to stay up all night; lost motivation; and worsened inattention, which shows up for me like time blindness, inability to stick to a task, fidgeting, and inability to keep ‘on-track’ in conversation. It matters to mention that I am regular therapy with a licensed professional to help with the management of my ADHD-C, and can genuinely state that nothing within that therapy has changed. The ONLY change to the management of my mental and physical health has been use of the APOTEX CORP generic Lisdexamfetamine.

    Being that it’s 01/01 (Happy New Year, btw) I can’t call my doctor today, but I plan to first thing tomorrow. I feel like 10+ days is enough of a trial to determine that the APOTEX CORP Lisdexamfetamine is NOT doing what it’s supposed to do; and I don’t want to worsen my health and return further to the difficulties I had prior to name brand Vyvanse, which had been so helpful.

    Thank you, also, to the other readers here who share their experiences.

    1. Thanks, Dee. I agree. 10 days is more than enough! Best of luck to you. And remember there are other Rx choices if you can’t get brand Vyvanse.

  15. Do we not know which, if any, of the generics are an “Authorized Generic”?

    The FDA’s Authorized Generic list was last updated in October — with no indication that an authorized generic of Vyvanse exists. That said, since there are /fourteen/ generic manufacturers now, I would be somewhat surprised if none supplied an authorized generic of Vyvanse.

    Happy holidays y’all,

    1. Hi Gwern,

      No, there is no authorized-generic for Vyvanse. There was for Concerta, for many years, but that was a rather unusual case.

      To be clear: an authorized-generic IS the brand. It’s just marketed as a generic, not designed a generic.

      None of these generic manufacturers could make an authorized-generic, because they don’t make the brand. They make only generics.


  16. Mallinckrodt (*SpecGX) 70 mg was sound as a pound for me for the last three months. I have been taking Vyvanse 70mg for 9 years – Shire, but in Sept, I was dispatched with generic. It was a little speedy, but for 10 beans I’ll take it. I filled my monthly today at Costco and they filled it, but a different mfg. named Apotex. My half assed internet research was limited, but the company looks shady. I am skeptical and it would not surprise me if this stuff is garbage. Time will tell. I will post my findings in a few days.

    1. Thanks, Eben.

      Did you feel the Mallinckrodt worked as well as the brand? Is that what you mean by “sound as a pound”? Or just ….reasonable facsimile.

      Apotex is Canadian based but it has an Indian factory as well. I think it used to be considered fairly solid. Then it’s owner was murdered and I’m not sure the company has found its footing.


      good luck!

    2. Hi Gina,
      Thank you for your response and yes, Mallinckrodt (*SpecGX) was exceptionally good vs brand Vyvanse [Takeda Pharmaceuticals] The number of side affects were minor (a little speedy)
      I am six hours into my second day with Apotex Generic. It is noticeably weaker than Mallinckrodt. I would avoid Apotex. generic. I will limp along for the next 27 days with Apotex, but I am glad my doctor prescribes IR dextroamphetamine to assist my levels.

      Happy Holidays.

  17. I wouldn’t wish these experiences on anyone, but I must say, it’s some comfort to know I’m not alone, and that my disappointing, negative experience with the Hikma generic isn’t just me “being crazy”. After reading through these posts, and the encouragements to file formal complaints with the FDA, I did. For the sake of contributing to, as an earlier postee put it, the brain trust, here is what I put in my report.
    38 y/o female
    Diagnosis: ADHD-C
    In September of this year (2023) I had to begin taking lisdexamfetamine 70mg capsule manufactured by Hikma Pharmaceuticals, a so called generic “equivalent” of the Vyvanse 70mg capsule. My insurance (LA Care Covered) entirely excluded the brand name drug from the formulary the moment that generics were approved. I have been taking amphetamine based stimulants for ADHD management for ~17 years, and to say that one of quality is crucial to my ability to have a healthy, productive, meaningful, and happy life is not hyperbole. When the ADHD medication crisis made it so that I couldn’t fill my regular prescription for Adderall XR 30mg (generic), I reticently went through the exhausting and frustrating process of titrating up various doses of branded Vyvanse. At 70mg, it was an acceptable/satisfactory alternative to the 2-a-day Adderall regiment I successfully relied on for many years. From the first days of taking the Hikma generic, I’ve experienced a decline in manageability of every one of my ADHD symptoms, a worsening of certain symptoms, and increased frequency of physical effects that may or may not be correlated. The most significant instances are delineated below.
    While taking the Hikma drug, I’ve experienced the following:
    Onset: 90-120 minutes*
    Duration: 4 1/2-5 hours*
    *gauged by loss and return of appetite Efficacy: minimal symptom control for 2-21/2 hours, at best
    -New and increasing feelings of anxiety and overwhelming stress
    -New unexplained waves of nausea 1-3 times per week
    -New feeling of stress during work manifesting in stomach upset
    -Feeling completely overwhelmed to the point of paralysis and avoidance
    -Inability to control or maintain focus on important tasks (both work and personal)
    -Difficulty completing tasks
    -Inability to effectively manage or
    direct hyperfocus
    -Difficulty noticing or controlling sequential distraction
    -Decreased time-management ability and sense of linear time/duration
    -Increase in frequency of negative strong emotions (impatience, frustration, anger, outrage, sadness), and decreased ability to effectively moderate them with CB methods
    -Increased social and communication avoidance
    -Increased hyperactivity, fidgeting, and restlessness
    -Increased headache frequency Experiencing these symptoms and effects during most of the hours when the medication is supposedly active is impacting my work and personal life detrimentally. Physical discomfort is like a dimmer switch, it’s either on (within a spectrum), or it’s off, but the other symptoms of ADHD have a cumulative, compounding effect, and will consume and burry a person beneath their own life. This generic is NOT equivalent to brand name Vyvanse, and should not be considered or dispensed as such. The longer this false equivalency is allowed to persist, the more damage it will cause.
    Gina, thanks for the work you’re doing with this blog. To my fellow ADHD compatriots, thank you for sharing your experiences.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Sorry to be so late in approving your comment. The spam filter is getting more stringent about comments with Rx names.

      Thanks so much for detailing your FDA MedWatch complaint — and filing it!

      I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with this. For what it’s worse, I’ve suggested to folks who did well on Adderall XR to see if they can try Mydayis. From the reports thus far, it’s about “90% same.” There’s also a savings program but these days it can be hard to get brand in any way.

      good luck!

  18. I was given a generic brand (Sun) and I felt like it wasn’t working anymore. In fact, I felt a little anxiety and fatigue. The next month I was given brand name vyvanse and I can’t describe how much better I feel! I’m about to have new script filled for my next month, and I’m so afraid of getting the “Sun” manufacture again.

  19. Ugh.. I hate feeling this unclear about things again. In response (since I’m not sure how to respond to your comment) – The Sun Pharmaceuticals Generic Vyvanse 70mg that I have starting this month seems to be ineffective.

    I found the bottle from last month, and it does appear that it was Sun last month as well. This month so far of the 2 days I’ve taken the generic Vyvanse, I’ve lacked focus, been cloudy, and feel almost as if I’m forgetting to take my Vyvanse entirely.

    1. Thanks, Dan. Sorry to press you for details. I thought you maybe meant that a non-Sun Vyvanse generic DID work, so I was curious as to which one.

      If you haven’t tried other options, it might be time to try.

      I hate that you and so many others are so profoundly affected by this larceny.


  20. I just received my latest dose of Generic Vyvanse (70mg) this last weekend. Last month I was back on the branded Vyvanse, but the month before I was on generic and it seemed to be similar to before. However, this is day 3 of the generic Vyvanse by Sun Pharmaceuticals and I can tell there is a huge difference today.

    1. Thanks, Dan. Just to be sure I understand — the Sun Vyvanse is better than the previous generic Vyvanse?

      What do you mean, “It seemed to be similar to before”?


  21. I had to stop since switching, waiting for MD call back. Was feeling high depression, high anxiety with intrusive thoughts since swapping to sun pharmaceuticals generic. I’ve never had intrusive thoughts in my entire life, thankfully I’m able to recognize them for what they are but still concerning.

  22. Yep, I’ve been getting rushes of anxiety about an hour after taking my meds and heart palpitations (both things I had never experienced on Vyvanse). I was considering anti-anxiety medication with my therapist until I realized I had been on the Amneal generic for the past 2 months. Going to have to talk with my neurologist and figure out what to do…

  23. Amy Mansfield

    My son (11) was doing well on 40 mg of Vyvanse, making As and Bs in school, making new friends. Then, 2 weeks ago, he was switched to a generic (Sun) and he has had near daily headaches and irritable behavior. He keeps saying things like “I can’t handle that right now” about things he usually does without argument. He’s also not sleeping well. He’s struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep.

    1. I was shipped the Mallinckrodt version of Vyvanse (30mg) by my insurance company, and it’s terrible. It’s doing the exact opposite as the real Vyvanse. Real Vyvanse wakes me up and I feel good. This generic version makes me feel so tired, I can’t stop yawning all day. Headaches, feeling “off” or “high”, kind of like I took Dayquil- this detached, spaced out feeling. All my muscles feel like I ran a marathon; twitchy and exhausted. It’s terrible. It actually feels much worse than not taking anything at all. I still have some of the genuine Vyvanse and when I take it I’m alert and cheerful and motivated. I’ve switched back and forth since getting this generic bottle a few weeks ago and it’s a night and day difference. I actually just emailed my doctor about this, I cannot imagine taking this generic stuff ever again. The doctor responded and said she doesn’t think my insurance will allow her to request “no generic”, so I just called my insurance company and had a really nice talk with them and they even had me speak to one of their pharmacists about it, and she was able to notate in my account that no generics are to be sent to me again. Simple as that, but who knows what it will cost. I was paying $100 for a 90 day supply, and this latest generic version was only $10. Hope the cost isn’t crazy higher than it already was. Anyway, they instructed me to have my doctor send over a new prescription for genuine Vyvanse so I can throw this generic bottle out. Luckily I still have some of the genuine Vyvanse, hopefully enough to last me until I can get a new CORRECT bottle. I will never take another of these funky Mallinckrodt ones again.

  24. I checked the bottle my granddaughters script is 20mg of Amneal generic for Vyvance. I’m not sure what to do , she’s a highly competitive ice skater at the age of 9 and has taken 3 bad falls in 10 days I knew something was off in her erratic behavior , lack of focus , arms all over creating a problem for the huge jumps she does in training . Now what do we do it’s dangerous !

  25. Like many others, I have been on Vyvanse brand-name (60mg) for years now and it dramatically changed my life for the better. I recently sought a slightly lower dose after tapering off another medication that had actually been interfering with the efficacy of the Vyvanse. I had it filled as the generic (manufacturer is Mylan) and it feels like I didn’t take anything at all. It’s ruining my day to day life and after two weeks of effectively being unsupported by the medication, it’s creating a domino effect of physical and emotional health problems. What a nightmare.

    1. Sorry to read your report, K.

      I encourage you to try another option…soon. The longer some folks go without decent medication, the harder it can be to get the ball rolling again.


  26. My doctor *just* increased my dose from 40 mg to 60 mg.

    I had to wait for it to be filled because of supply issues. On Monday 10/9, it occurred to me I could take two of the 30-mg capsules I had left over from when I increased from 30 mg to 40 mg. My leftover 30 mg capsules are brand-name Vyvanse, as are the 40 mg ones I had been taking.

    So I took two of the 30’s on Monday morning, and wow — after years of trying different meds with not much effect, I finally understood what people mean when they say “game-changer.” No med has ever been a game-changer for me, and I had basically given up hope of ever having my game changed.

    I work from home and had a complex written project due Tuesday and I was able to keep track of all the different pieces! I focused and moved forward without hyperfocusing! And without the usual pit of anxiety in my stomach.

    I took two 30’s again Tuesday and yesterday. Yesterday, 10/11, I had to drive 70 miles to represent a client in court. For the first time ever, I got ready, packed my bag, and left the house in COMPLETE CALM, *knowing* that I had remembered everything–all in maybe a third of the time it usually takes me, and I left the house on time! Usually I am almost sick with anxiety getting ready and triple- and quadruple-checking to make sure I have everything because if I forget something, it’s too far to return and get it.

    Well, I got my 60 mg prescription filled on Tuesday. Generic Lisdexamfetamine (Mfg Mylan). I took one this morning over three hours ago, and so far… Nothing. I had better days on 40 mg than this. If lisdexamfetamine works through being absorbed in the gut, it’a hard to imagine how this can work so much differently from brand name. Could Takeda include some ingredient that helps absorption? I didn’t do anything differently today in terms of eating/drinking — all four days I took the med on an empty stomach while having my coffee. Could there have been something super-effective about taking two 30 mg capsules instead of one 60? I am very interested in researching more about the science behind this.

    So disappointing to finally experience a game-changer, only to not be able to continue. Thank you so much for all your work on this important and informative site!

    1. Hi Alison,

      Your positive experience is why I do this work. Most of the public (and mental health workers) just have NO IDEA.

      Then to have it snatched away……grrr.

      re: your question about two 30s vs 1 60. Anything’s possible.

      My understanding is that there’s a 22% instant release on the outside coating. So, it’s possible that the outer coating of two 30s is more than for 1 60.

      I wonder if the the chewable form of Vyvanse would be available to you. Most people (including prescribers) don’t know about it.

      good luck!

  27. The label for Mylan’s generic version of Vyvanse states an equivalent – 70 mg (equivalent to 40.5 mg lisdexamfetamine). Does this mean that the generic 70 mg version is equal to 40.5 mg of the branded, Vyvanse?

    1. Hi Sharon,

      How strange.

      It shouldn’t mean that — that the generic 70 mg is equal to 40.5 mg of brand.

      Lisdexamfetamine is the active ingredient in Vyvanse and its generics.

      Perhaps not all the lisdexamfetamine is absorbed/released.

      You should check with your pharmacist. But the generic should have the same dosing as the brand.

      Whether the generic works as the brand does, that’s another story.

      The generics tend to use much cheaper and even more crude delivery systems than the brand. That’s the problem.


    2. Hi Sharon,

      For both the brand name Vyvanse and generic versions, the active ingredient “Lisdexamfetamine” is packaged as a “dimesylate salt” which is why there is a discrepancy between the 70mg dosage delivering 40.5mg of the active ingredient.
      The packaging for the branded Vyvanse has the same equivalency statement regarding 70mg of “Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate” translating to 40.5mg of “Lisdexamfetamine” which you can see in the following image:


  28. Hi there. So I have been on 70mg Vyvanse for the 5 years. Recently due to the shortage, without my knowing, I was switched to generic. I was on Vyvanse for BED and ADHD as well as issues related to a Hemangioblastoma. The Vyvanse completely fixed my brain after my craniotomy and made me feel like myself again. A total life changer!! I then was diagnosed with ADHD and BED not sure if in relation to the tumors. Long story short, I was able to function like a normal human being and get my life back.

    NOW…. On the generic form. It feels like I’ve taken nothing but a sugar pill. I have horrible brain fog, migraines, worse dry mouth than ever, extreme fatigue, moodiness, and my hunger has actually increased to an insane level. I can barely get out of bed, much less function in my everyday life.

    I’m in such dismay now, having horrible flashbacks to when I was first out of surgery, and needed caretakers to get through my days.

    I really hope and pray that all of us who depend on Vyvanse, can soon have access to the real deal, as opposed to this junky knockoff version.

    1. Hi KD,

      That’s just cruel. Hopes and prayers are fine. But in this case, it might be more effective to call your congressional representative and Senator.

      Also: to file an FDA Medwatch complaint, as I suggest in the post.


  29. I have been on 70mg of Vyvanse for 3 years, and it significantly improved many areas of my life, with minimal side effect, all manageable (mostly thirst & lack of appetite). A few months ago it became increasilgy difficult to get Vyvanse in our area and with e-scribing requirementd that only compoundfed the problem. About 2 wks ago I finally just asked the provider to convert to a generic after about a 10 day waiting game and I am NOT impressed.
    The first few days i felt like I was in a brain fog or had a head cold- took longer to process information and I felt unstable/dizzy. That feeling has mostly resolved, but also I feel like I’m taking half the dose, I feel like I run out of gas faster and it takes longer to get going. I missed a dose on Thursday due to a training and being out of the normal routine, then Saturday woke up and couldn’t get out of bed because I had vertigo so bad (first time ever) and then caused a migraine. I’m 3 days into vertigo from hell, and feel like I am not safe to drive so I’m home, teleworking. If this is a side effect of the generic (Manufactured by Lannett Co Inc) I will requesting a lower dose of Vyvanse or just not take the generics.

  30. Hey there,

    Just contributing to the brain trust, and looking for other folks’ experiences with the multiple manufacturers out there. I’ve been taking the name brand Vyvanse for ~10yrs now, and have been very happy with it.

    I received my generic dose (70mg) from Solco Health, which is a subsidiary of Prinston. Wasn’t happy with it. Specifically:

    1. Longer activation time: When I take the name-brand at 6am, I’m usually going at 7:30 or 8. With the Prinston generic, it honestly felt closer to 9:30 or 10am.
    2. Shorter duration: Name brand usually feels like it lasts until ~7pm. With the Prinston generic, felt like it came down at around 5pm, and it came down HARD. Felt a lot more wiped out at the end of the day.
    3. Less Effective during the day: During the day, feels like I have some brain-fog going on. Don’t feel ‘clear.’ Some ADHD mental paralysis. It’s probably manageable, but it’s not something I’d want to get used to. Also felt a bit, like, light-headed almost? Felt like I had to lie down a few times during the week.

    I know medications don’t always impact folks the same way, but I’d really like to get a sense of which manufacturers folks have found success with, especially since it sounds like the name-brand has basically stopped production. Will also talk with my doc – I think they’re pretty understanding. Maybe we’ll be able to do something like a sampler at a bar lol

    1. A sampler bar! “Flights” of stimulants. lol

      Given that the public (and many in the medical field) already view ADHD medications that way, why not! Could be a lot more efficient!

      I truly believe this is part of the strategy. Big Generic learned its lesson with the first three Concerta generics. We were able to get critical mass with FDA MedWatch complaints and they were degraded as non-bioequivalent.

      A few years later, at least 14 Concerta (junk) generics emerge.

      Vyvanse generics started with 14 (at least). We will need HUGE numbers of reports to start having an impact.

      This is all evil.

      Thanks for contributing to the brain trust.

    2. As a former Concerta refugee, I’m kinda forced to agree.

      I’m realizing that I might have said something incorrect in my last post; I was under the impression that Takeda had halted production of the name-brand (someone at my doctor’s office had informed me of that). I’m looking at Takeda’s site, and it looks like they’re stating that they will continue to manufacture the name-brand (https://assets.takeda.com/content/dam/takeda/imported/nonproduct/pdfs/loe-faq.pdf).

      Obviously, the shortage is still the big issue here (not to mention insurance and all that fun stuff), and the only real way to really fix the problem is to call out the other manufacturers until they get into gear. But I’m curious – you haven’t heard of anything pointing to Takeda discontinuing production at this juncture, have you?

    3. Hi Frank,

      No, I’ve not heard anything about Takeda’s plans. Maybe they forgot to tell me, though. 🙂

      Honestly, the consumer seems the last to know these days.

      It might not be profitable anymore, with Big Generics pushing the prices down (except it doesn’t seem commensurate with what consumers are paying).

      The push as Vyvanse went off-patent has been toward Intuniv.

      But the patent remains active in certain countries. Including Japan.


    4. Frank- I have a similar-ish Vyvanse story as you but interestingly very different symptoms. I have been taking 70mg daily for the past 6 years, but for a sleep disorder rather than ADHD (called idiopathic hypersomnia, similar to narcolepsy).

      I was switched to the Solco generic with my last refill. Ever since, I’ve been having near daily headaches, and haven’t been able to fall asleep at night until like 1am. (Which is tragically ironic). With Vyvanse and good sleep routines, I was/am able to function like a normal human and keep a normal human sleep schedule. I’m waking up between 7:30-8:30, and pre Solco, was winding down between 10-11 every night. Since starting it a couple of weeks ago, both my brain and body are absolutely wired well past when I used to be asleep by! Even on the days I exercise, it doesn’t feel like it makes a dent.

      Like you, I would love to hear if anyone else has had a better experience with a different generic manufacturer. Going to ask my Dr about coming down in dosage on the next refill, but I’m feeling so frustrated and discouraged that I can’t take what I know works for me anymore!

  31. Went to the pharmacy to get a refill of 40mg Vyvanse and was told it would be “new generic.” It has been over a week. And this medication just isn’t effective. Symptoms were completely managed on brand. Now:

    Less effective at maintaining executive function throughout day
    Having more intrusive thoughts/distractions throughout day
    Limited benefits lasting only until 3pm (vs. full benefits until 6 pm)
    Increased irritability and anxiety as wears off
    Dramatic increase in evening hunger

    My spouse commented the other night that my mood and concentration ability are very different than before.

    So frustrating.

  32. I have a question, I have not been able to get my Vyvanse for three weeks. It doesn’t seem safe to me to have to stop taking the medication abruptly and then when the magical med delivery fairies deem us worthy of medication, to abruptly start at the same dose we used to take.
    I am curious if those who have had unfavorable results are having any improvement after their bodies get used to the dose.

    1. Hi Ivan,

      Good question.

      But first, maybe you didn’t have to go three weeks without medication. There are other options.

      Still, I understand reluctance to switch, especially when the Vyvanse might have been due in any day.

      As to your question, others might weigh in. But I can tell you, after 3 weeks, it can be a very good idea to start at a lower dosage and gradually work your way up.

      These medications have lots of up- and downstream effects, and it can be real jolt to physiology to start at the higher dose.

      I hope this helps.


  33. My Vyvanse 50mg was filled as generic by my pharmacy a little more than a week ago & it’s been a disaster. It’s as if I’ve taken no medication at all since starting the generic. My sleep pattern is awful, something I’ve never had a problem with. Constant headaches that are not relieved by otc meds. Spacing out at work again which is not good! I’m also on Vyvanse for BED & my eating is out of control again since switching to generic. It’s literally as if I’m not taking anything at all! 🙁

    1. This is exactly my experience. 40mg Vyvanse. Generic is doing almost nothing . Symptoms were completely managed before.

    2. Cass, I am having the exact same experience you are with the generic. Just finished my first fill of it – feels like I’m back on nothing again.

  34. I’ll have to check the brand when I get home, but I am not doing well. I’ve stayed at 30mg. Vyvanse was a life changer and every day I’ve taken the generic I’ve had a headache and my ADHD paralysis is back. I am in my university library right now and can’t bring myself to start my work only six hours after taking my meds, and I never experienced this within ten hours of taking Vyvanse unless I was unwell for other reasons. I’m honestly really scared, because I don’t think my insurance will let me go back to name brand.

    1. Dear Clea,

      I’m horrified that this is happening to you. It’s not right. I had hoped that Vyvanse’s simpler delivery system meant the generics wouldn’t be the catastrophe that Concerta’s has been.

      It’s understandable that you’re fearful. I would be, too. But know that there are probably a few options before pushing the panic button.

      First, before you do anything else, write down the details since you started the generic — what’s different compared to the brand.

      e.g. When did the headaches begin? How long do they last? What does “ADHD paralysis” mean, specifically (for those who don’t know)…with examples. Note everything.

      Second, contact your insurance company to get the facts on Vyvanse brand — can you still get it, what is the cost? Or will you have to jump through some hoops? Which brand stimulants CAN you get?

      Sometimes you have to try another similar medication. Sometimes two. If neither provides reasonable treatment, then you can appeal to get the brand.

      You can also try one of the other dexedrine products. …. e.g. Dexedrine Spansule, Zenzedi, and ProCentra

      good luck


  35. William Wood

    I have just started taking the Generic Vyvanse 50 mg by SPECGX LLC.
    I’m about 10 days in and I’m finding myself jumping all around with my thought process and feeling depressed not wanting to accomplish anything and increased appetite. Just not a good feeling. I felt so good while taking the non generic version of Vyvanse. I am going to have to speak to my health provider about my new symptoms.

    1. Thanks, William. Good luck.

      I hope your physician is one who understands that no generic is “exactly the same as brand” — and that when it comes to ADHD and sustained-release stimulants, that really matters.


  36. I would *like* to be able to comment on my experience with brand name vs generic but as of today, 9/20, no pharmacy in my area (Kansas City metro) has it yet. I realize we’re one of the flyover states but this is ridiculous. I’ve been out since the pharmacies ran out of brand name Vyvanse mid-August when Takeda through its temper tantrum as if they haven’t made enough money on their exclusivity deal. The fact that these shenanigans have been tolerated for over a year is simply unacceptable. I encourage all who are fed up with this entire situation to write to their congressional representatives. I’m not holding my breath for change in the short term but surely if they hear from enough constituents they’ll FIX IT.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      You’re right. This is unacceptable.

      Unfortunately, any politician who puts their head on the block for ADHD ….. will have it chopped off.

      The stigmatization, the anti-science propaganda….it’s had an effect.

      If this were any other condition……

      Maybe you want to check out the other dex choices.


  37. I started taking the generic brand vyvanse 4 days ago. The side effects were not favorable for me. I noticed that I didn’t feel it when I typically do in my day. And when I did it wasn’t as effective. I also felt jittery with lack of focus. I notice that this gives me a terrible headache on the come down. But also, I can’t sleep well at all with this drug.
    Should I call my doctor and tell them this isn’t for me?

    First of all thank you for providing this resource for people like us who rely on these drugs to function in our everyday lives.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I’m glad you found my blog. This issue is important!

      Can you tell us WHICH generic it is? There are 12. Look for the manufacturer name on the bottle.

      Please consider filing an FDA MedWatch complaint: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/medwatch/index.cfm?action=consumer.reporting1

      Does your insurance not allow brand, or is it unaffordable? You might want to be sure about that before calling your doctor.

      But yes, if I were you, I wouldn’t continue with a medication I knew wasn’t working as it should.

      The real danger in continuing is losing track of the difference and at some point being lulled into thinking “it’s working.”

      There are other dextroamphetamine choices, mentioned in the article. Or maybe you could try another Vyvanse generic, if available.

      good luck to you

  38. TheOldWayWasBetter

    I took 70 mg Vyvanse for 15 years, no problems with it at all (very helpful since I was on a few other meds for 10 years prior to it with ineffective results).

    A month ago I had to do the 40/30 split, it said Vyvanse on the bottle but they were S489 (whatever that is). After a few days it became obvious to me that they were not effective. Of course this was compounded by the fact that this happened right as school was starting (I am a teacher). I explained the situation to the doctor and she prescribed the regular Vyvanse at my local pharmacy.
    The other day I pick up the new meds, and the bottle has a different name on it (Mylan). I try it today, and it is crap. I am having withdrawl from it after 6-7 hours (the old meds were ones where I took it first thing in the morning and was fine all day long). I can only imagine what it will be like 2-3 weeks from now.

    When and where can I get the old brand back? It worked for years for many people, changing this kind of drug for people who depend on it is borderline criminal.

    1. Hi there

      That stinks. Just as you’re starting the school year.

      But you say it says S489. My understanding is that IS the brand. Do the pills look like this?


      But I’m not sure what you mean about the “40/30 split”. Could whatever that is….be what’s making the difference?

      Yes, I think it IS criminal. And the criminal behind it has been charged, but not for that particular crime, unfortunately.

      Most Americans have no clue. It seems I’m the only one informing about it, in fact.


    2. TheOldWayWasBetter

      They did look like that. I dunno if I was taking them wrong or not (I just took them at the same time, should I have just found a way to mix them together?) I was on the 70 mg pills for 15 years with no problems, so maybe even the slight change was enough to mess me up I dont know. So far today was worse than yesterday. I hate this.

      When is the old brand coming back?

    3. Chris — if that’s what you have, you have the brand.

      By 40/30 split, I think you mean you started taking a 40 mg and a 30 mg Vyvanse when you could no longer get the 70mg. Right?

      If so, that could be making a difference.

      I cannot easily right now obtain the release profile for Vyvanse. Typically, these sustained released Rx will have a coating that is released immediately. If so, that could be changing how much is released soon after taking it.


    4. TheOldWayWasBetter

      That is correct it was the 40 mg and the 30 mg. I took them both at same time but it didnt work well at all. I dunno if I was supposed to break up both and just consume it that way (I have a 40 and a 30 left so I may try it.)

      Used the same pill for 15 years so even a slight change may have been enough to mess me up. The new med is actually worse. I am really down and I am really worried 🙁

    5. Hi Chris,

      Don’t panic! 🙂

      You’re not supposed to “break up” sustained-delivery medications, including Vyvanse. So I’m not sure what you mean.

      Just to be clear….from what you describe, you do NOT have the generic. You have the brand.

      Instead of worrying, why not call your insurance company and ask if you can get the 70 mg….or your pharmacist. Maybe supplies have opened up.

      I always suggest home-delivery over storefront when having a hard time finding product.


      good luck

  39. I started a generic form of Vyvanse from Specgzx about 10 days ago. So far – I am not impressed. I’ve been struggling to stay on task DAILY since I started it, which impacts my productivity at work. I’ve also had a few afternoons where I felt very frustrated and/or agitated – which is not normal for me. It’s only just occurred to me that it could be the “afternoon crash” that’s so common with other ADHD meds (that I NEVER had an issue with on Vyvanse) – so I’ll be paying closer attention going forward, and calling my insurance company to find out what my options are to get back on the brand. 🙁

    1. Thanks for contributing to the brain trust here, Nicci.

      I’m sorry you’re dealing with that, though.

      Specgzx is a division of Mallinckrodt, one of the three generic manufacturers to produce the inferior Concerta generics, back in 2014. We succeeded in lobbying the FDA to downgrade those generics as non-bio-equivalent. But the CEO was outraged, threatened to sue the FDA, etc..

      Good luck with getting what you need.


  40. Do you know what Medicare Part D plans cover medications for ADD. I have been receiving Vyvanse through the Takeda Help at Hand program but now that their patent has expired and there are generics on the market, the program is being phased out. This leaves me without medication for ADD at the end of the year. I have tried every ADD medication available over the years and have had the best results from Vyvanse, which I’ve been on for years. To my knowledge, Medicare will cover Adderall, which I do not respond well to. Do you know what Part D plans cover meds for seniors with ADD? I am also concerned about the efficacy of the generics given the history of generics and so-called equivalents and doubt that Part D will cover it anyway.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I wish I could help, but my knowledge of what Medicare does/does not cover re: ADHD is non-existent.

      It might be that one of the Vyvanse generics works well for you.

      Meanwhile, you might want to check out one of the other dextroamphetamine stimulants. The medication is the same. The delivery system is different.

      Dexedrine Spansule, Zenzedi, and ProCentra

      good luck

    2. Hi Barbara. My insurance plan covered brand Vyvanse(Medicare part D), until generics were approved(though not yet available in my area of New Jersey). Now they cover generic.
      With respect to medicare drug plans go to https://www.medicare.gov/plan-compare/#/?year=2023&lang=en
      You may log in to Medicare from there or just enter your zip code. Fairly clear after this – you will be asked to enter your Medications, names and doses. It shows you the cost of the plan and you can break out medication cost alone. I am not sure if they will be giving you the cost of Vyvanse or the generic, you may need to call the insurance company or Medicare to find out.
      Hope that this helps.

    3. Hi Barbara,

      I hope this message reaches you….

      If ur still trying looking for a Medicare Part D plan that covers Vyvanse (the Brand), check out:

      United Healthcare AARP Preferred Plan.

      I remember having to sort through all the plans and formula coverage and was left with 1 option which I’ve had since I bang receiving benefits due to my disability.

      Hope this helps!

  41. I started the generic for Vyvanse 4 days ago. I have been taking the brand name for 5 yrs. I already feel a difference in a not beneficial way. 1. The powder is a finer texture, I’m guessing it’s what filler is being used
    (my ocd presents over how medication is made lol so fun).
    2. The comeup is noticeable and jittery. I normally take my vyvanse every morning at 7 am. Then by 8 am my mind is quieted and I stop finding layers of things to do, other then what I should be focusing on. Also brand Vyvanse helps with my verbal outburst, this generic is not helping with that. I still get hungry and eat on my Vyvanse, but with this generic it’s hard to even put the food in my mouth and chew. I do not have any eating disorder and my weight has not changed in 5 yrs. Im 5.5 and 139 pounds. I’m thinking of changing medication since Vyvanse brand will no longer be made. Thanks for the space to share.

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren, for a report from the front lines.

      Could you please tell us WHICH Vyvanse generic you have? There are at least 14, all made independently.

      I encourage you to report any adverse effects via the FDA’s Medwatch

      What you describe can be considered adverse, imho.

      best of luck

  42. Good news! I just left my provider’s office. I take Vyvanse 40mg opd. They told me about this news. I’m in the car now, logged in to my pharmacy app to check – Walgreens is already filling generic. My copay is $10 less, manufacturer = Mylan/Viatris.

    1. Hi Kris,

      Great! Please let us know how it works for you.

      $10 less doesn’t seem like a great deal to me, but maybe you were paying a low price for brand.


    2. Did you actually get your generic? I checked at my CVS Friday night (9/8) and they still are unable to order generic Vyvanse. LMK. Thanks

  43. Kristen Kasper Stuppy

    I’m at least hopeful that this will ease some of the shortages with new companies producing the medications.

    There are some people who can use the non-OROS concerta knock-offs, but when they first came to the market we were all taken by surprise. I am wiser now because of it. When a patient suddenly isn’t well controlled on a medication or has new side effects, I ask if the pills look different and for them to check the label for manufacturer.

    We’ll see how these generics work only once they start being used. We can at least hope they will be equivalent…

    1. Hi Kristen,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, the problem is not that the inferior Concerta generics are “bad drugs.” The problem is that they are billed as bioequivalent to Concerta.

      All those Concerta generics take up a lot of MPH supply, too.

      Along with the PBM problem, consumers are facing some serious hurdles.

      If ADHD hadn’t been so politicized, there’d be a Congressional investigation.

      The ADHD 501(c)3 have never made it part of their mission to lobby Congress. That is a scandal, really.


  44. Will 70MG VYVANSE be dropped?!! MY DOSAGE!! 60mg is the highest dosage included in your (see below) article re generic Vyvanse.

    Note: I just had to pay 2X as much this month to obtain my Vyvanse 70mg (brand Vyvanse). Why? My dosage DISAPPEARED…in fact even 30 and 40mg was close to impossible to locate. I had to Google search and buy from a small family pharmacy – NOT my normal big chain pharmacy. My only option was to purchase BOTH 30 &. 40mg to equal 70mg! NO DISCOUNTS or COMMUNICATIONS from drug companies who had caused this crisis for their customers/ patients. Simply GONE!
    I have NO idea if even this will be available next month…or where, if so!

    My longtime trusty AUTHORIZED generic CONCERTA disappeared in DEC 2022 – here I am again – my brand VYVANSE 70mg was just “DISAPPEARED!”

    I was one of those who got screwed by fraudulent so-called generic Concerta before that!

    Take one guess as to how I feel about playing this drug companies’ game of medical “generic” roulette again!! I only want AUTHORIZED GENERIC …VYVANSE! We deserve it!

    Vyvanse 70mg isn’t listed in your article…see paragraph

    “14 Vyvanse Generics Manufacturers Approved
    The FDA chart of approved Vyvanse generics currently shows 14 companies with approved Vyvanse generics. Not every company, however, produces all the available dosages — 10 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg.”

    1. Hi Sally,

      I hear your frustration. I don’t know if the 79 mg Vyvanse will be dropped. It might be that the brand continues. We’ll find out when we find out, I guess.

      Just one clarification: this Hot Mess comes to us courtesy of Big Generic and its deals with the previous administrations FDA chief. That’s how we got here.

      It’s not the only problem. Pharmacy Benefit Managers have thrown us all for a loopo,too.

      But we can lay this issue with “non-bioequivalent” generics at the 2017 White House Administration’s (Trump’s) feet.

      In truth, Concerta users were very lucky to get the authorized-generic as long as it did. It might have continued.

      good luck

    2. Sally, I ended up in the exact same situation beginning last month with my 70mg Vyvance prescription! I was caught completely unaware by the “shortage” situation after my routine recheck/refill visit to my doctor.

      In my case, though I specifically inquired in a panic about the possibility of a 40/30 split from my doctor vs a temporary alternative medication (as through the cumbersome trial and error process we are all familiar with, Vyvance is the ONLY one that finally thoroughly and effectively managed all of my combined symptoms), it was made a tremendous hassle if not impossibility as my pharmacist would not divulge which, if any, of the dosages were both available and available in enough quantity to substitute without each combination having an individual prescription sent one at a time in order of preference. I then attempted to locate it at pharmacies within a 100 mile range, and all were also out of stock.

      I ended up having to accept generic Concerta as a temporary substitute, which even in name brand form serves the equivalent of a bandaid on an arterial bleed when it comes to managing my conditions; AND ended up having to pay over $100 out of pocket for it because while my insurance covered Vyvance it did not cover Concerta. Yes that is a very dramatic comparison, however in this environment I am certain many understand that it can be precisely that dramatic.

      This new stress of the inability to obtain my medication was a completely deflating experience, as I had only regained hope within the last year or so that achieving a manageable level of stability with consistent access to my medication was indeed a possibility, since the availability of doctors who will treat and prescribe adults for ADHD and related or combined conditions is so limited in many areas. Many mental health facilities and doctors I inquired to in the area I recently relocated to won’t even accept patients over 21.

      So indeed while I was extremely excited to see that generics were just approved, I worry about when it will be available in my area, and now it seems also if my dosage will be available. I’m also wondering if it will take additional time for insurance, Medicare specifically, to extend coverage to the new generics.

    3. I’ve been taking Vyvanse (100mgs = Two 50mg capsules Q AM) since it came on the market more than 10 years ago. I’ve always taken the Brand, till last week when no pharmacies had Vyvanse in stock (here in Florida) and my doctors office forgot to write NO SUBSTITUTIONS on the paper script they gave me since I didn’t know where I was going to be able to fill my prescription.

      Fast forward… A compounding pharmacy that was out of network with my insurance claimed they had Vyvanse 50 mg capsules on hand (the brand) and were receiving more in 2 days. I rushed over to fill my script while confirming with my insurance provider that I had out of network benefits and would be reimbursed for paying out of pocket.

      When I got to the pharmacy, I was still on the phone with my insurance company to ensure no issues would arise and the pharmacist confirmed she had 40 capsules (50mg) of the brand Vyvanse and the remaining 20 capsules (50mg) will be available for me to pick up on Wednesday. She quoted the price for my 30 day supply of Vyvanse (60 capsules) at $700 which the customer service agent with United thought was a great price.

      It was 30 mins past closing by the time I left this pharmacy and I didn’t think to check the medication.

      The next morning, I noticed the label said “LISDEXAMFETAMINE DIMESYLATE” (Mtg: Hikma Pharmaceuticals).

      I started taking this “fake” Vyvanse on Thursday & have been suffering from all sorts of side effects since ingesting it. I’ve never felt this awful, been in a blur for nearly 5 days now. My head kills… This product causes debilitating fatigue, confusion, brain fog at the next level, excruciating headaches and migraines, extreme hunger, dry mouth, dizziness and makes daily functioning impossible.

      Do NOT purchase this product!!!

      * I reported this to Hikma today, first thing I accomplished in days. Next, need to report it with med watch and file a complaint with the board of pharmacy in Florida.

  45. Good afternoon
    I am taking a newer drug, Azstarys. My doctor told me that it was invented by the same guy who invented Vyvanse. He also told me it’s a prodrug like Vyvanse. So far, so good for me. It lasts just as long and I don’t get that sluggish feeling in the evening like XR and to some degree Vyvanse did. Just my take. You should check it out


    1. Thanks for that first-hand report, Scott. I did mention Azstaryz and other options in my last post about Concerta authorized-generic going away. https://adhdrollercoaster.org/adhd-news-and-research/pbms-restricting-adhd-medication-access/

      I’m glad it’s working for you.

      Dr. Robert Oberlender did work on Vyvanse while he was at a company called New River. But I don’t think he helped to develop Azstarys, which took place at a company called KenPharm. Perhaps the drug used a prodrag patent developed by Oberlender.


    2. I am concerned about generics, because some of the manufacturers use red dye, which I’m allergic to and why I switched to Vyvanse in the first place. I don’t understand why anyone would use red dye in an adhd medication, considering red dye is linked to making adhd symptoms worse. I’m probably going to have to switch meds, because I can’t take a chance of getting a generic with red dye when I’m allergic.
      I just don’t know any other kind that works like Vyvanse that I can switch to.

    3. Hi Jennifer,

      Stopping Vyvanse might be rather drastic, if it works well for you.

      Check with your insurance company or pharmacist. See if you can continue to get brand.

      If one day you pick up your Rx and it’s a generic, do not pay for it yet. Instead, investigate the list of ingredients for that manufacturer’s generic Vyvanse. Maybe the pharmacist will help you.

      The idea is not to panic but to problem-solve.

      good luck

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