“ADHD Roller Coaster” Top ADHD Health Blog

The Best ADHD Health Blogs of the Year


I’m happy to learn that my ADHD Roller Coaster blog has been named one of 12 top ADHD Health blogs by Healthtime.com. My sincere congratulations go out to my friends and fellow awardees

I’m honored to be in the company of these fine bloggers and human beings, who have contributed so much to the online discourse on ADHD for so many years. Well done, folks! Keep up the great work!



    • says

      Dr. P – You deserve several awards, for all the great information you’ve made public in so many formats. I get exhausted just thinking about how you did it all!

    • says

      Hi Danielle,

      I’m so glad you find my work a helpful resource. Because as you know, bloggers aren’t in it for the compensation. 😉
      thanks for letting me know.

    • says

      Thanks, Tom. I just hope it gets good information out to more people. Especially with the generic Concerta.

      Thanks again for sharing your essay with ADHD Roller Coaster readers!

  1. Ron says

    Congrats Gina. Well deserved. You’ve been a blessing to me and many others with your book and blog since I found out about my ADHD at a young age of 58!. Those of us who have been surprised by our diagnosis often are ‘relieved’ to find out the truth but also in a rush to find answers and advice. You have provided timely answers via books, website, & blog to help us.

  2. Lisa Jo Sutherland says

    Yours was the first book I read when I became involved with a wonderful man who had undiagnosed ADD. It has been refreshing and profound for him to be in a relationship with someone who recognizes what he is challenged with verses judging these characteristics as character flaws. Thank you so much for the information and insight you provide as it has helped both of us find a loving and meaningful relationship late in life that offers so many gifts. I look regularly to your blog which enhances my knowledge, compassion and
    communication skills with my loving partner.

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